picnic tables

If you want to enhance your festival experience then at selected festivals you can book one or more picnic tables for your reserved camping area. The table will then be available on your reserved grass area when you arrive ?

How do I book a picnic table?

When booking your travel package you can choose one or more tables as an option.

What does a picnic table cost?

Prices vary from festival to festival but as pricing examples for Defqon.1 Festival 2019 it is SEK 1195 per table.

Do you offer other facilities?

Coretours always strives to be able to offer as many different options as possible for your festival trip to be exactly as you wish.

Premium biljett Defqon1 Weekend Festival

Vad innebär Premiumbiljett på Defqon.1?

Defqon.1 has previously offered editions only Friday, Saturday and weekend tickets to the festival. But in 2018, Q-dance introduced a new ticket type called Premium.

One Premium Ticket gives some extra nice benefits. For those who want luxury for your stay at Defqon.1 we can strongly recommend upgrading your ticket. It is possible to buy Premium for all three variants, ie Friday, Saturday or the whole weekend.

What is included in the upgrade?

  • Premiumdäck @ RED-, BLACK- och BLUE-scenen
  • Premiumtoaletter
  • Premiumbar
  • Excellent views below POWER HOUR, The Endshow and The Closing Ceremony
  • Free locker (lockable cabinet)
  • Quick entrance to the festival area
  • Premiumarmband

Why should I get Premium?

Premiumdäck är ett specialbyggt upphöjd däck där man har bästa utsikten över RED, BLACK eller BLUE scenen. Däcket hyser äver 1 – 3 barer beroende på vilken scen du är. Här är köerna betydligt kortare än till standard barerna på dansgolvet vilket gör att du kan fokusera på att dansa och festa ?

The deck is also nice for anyone who wants to fall back from the congestion. Here is plenty of space and roof over your head so it rains so you can stand and enjoy without rain poncho.

Sen får man givetvis ej glömma Premiumtoaletterna. För en annan (signed writer) who have problems with their stomachs, it is incredibly nice to have toilets close. The toilets are within a reach of 50m and are clean and fresh and without queues.

A locker is convenient to have during your festival stay. Here you can lock in and store your things safely and securely. For those of you who want to bring a camera camera, for example, but do not carry it around 24/7, a locker is handy.

We must also not forget that you get a fancy Premium bracelet as well. This bracelet is an artifact that you can then save to your collection at home;)

Sist men inte minst så vet vi ju alla hur kul det är och köa. Svensken älskar att köa right? Mja, vi gör det tillräckligt hemma så när vi vill unnar oss semester så kan vi slippa det va? Precis som Premium gör att du kommer åt Premiumbarerna med knapp ingen kö så gäller samma vid entrén till festivalen. Här finns en så kallad Fast Lane som är endast för Premiumbesökare.

Is it easy to get hold of Premium?

Defqon.1 regular tickets sell out every year. Premiumbiljetterna sells out even faster as they only exist in a very limited edition. We as a travel partner may also only buy in a very limited number. Therefore, it is first come, first-served every year when the travel packages are released.

Finns det någon jämförelse mot vanlig entrebiljett?

Jajemän, du kan läsa en artikel på Defqon1.se. Där har de recenserat hur det var att ha premiumbiljett på Defqon.1 2019.

Coretours Familjetält

Inflatable family tent

Do you want a really good accommodation but do not leave Coretours unbeatable camping?

In such cases, choose Coretours family tent. Our family tents accommodate up to 14 people! In addition to having room for the whole family, the tent is also high, which means that you don't even have to play beer-pong inside the tent;)

How waterproof is the tent?

Our family tent has a water resistance of 5000mm, which thus can handle a really horrible rain. In other words, your valuables and exchanges will still be completely dry if you live in this tent.

Coretours familjetält

How about the space?

As we mentioned earlier, this tent is perfect if you have the whole friendship with you. You can seat up to 12 - 14 people in this tent but be aware that depending on how much luggage you bring, this can affect the space, simple mathematics in other words;)

The dimensions of the tent are 730 × 315 × 210 / 165cm.

How long does it take to travel the tent?

The tent does not take much longer to travel than the time you are able to have sex. That is, about only 3 minutes if you and three friends help. The tent has four air ducts, each pumped up in less than a minute.

Is there a lot to drag?

You can make the mat yourself. If every policeman had taken his own tent or three four-tent tent or whatever you bring, then this tent will fit in only one bag. You can easily pick up the tent when we reach the festival's parking.

If you want to be even more comfortable then we can carry the tent and travel the tent so everything is ready when you arrive - it will not be easier. Select this option when booking.

Coretours FamiljetältWhat are the disadvantages of renting a family tent?

You are welcome to tell us this because we can honestly not come up with anything :) 2019 all our family tents were rented out during the Defqon.1 Weekend Festival so the demand speaks for itself.

How do I book this nice tent?

When you book any trip below menu bar travel Then there will be an option in the booking called family tent. Just select this and add the extra cost to your booking

Are there any minimum numbers for booking the tent?

Man behöver vara minst 6 personer för att boka tältet. Ibland gör vi undantag. Skicka ett mail till oss och hör efter :)

Lägg till Coretours Gang Camp

Endast för vår Defqon.1 resa

Uppgradera din bokning av förmonterat tält med Gang Camp. Med Gang Camp så får du och dina vänner ett reserverat inhägnat område med extra utrymme på Coretours camp.


Coretours familjetält

Coretours 12-mannatält


När släpps Defqon1 biljetterna

When will Defqon.1 be released?

Defqon.1 tickets will be released on March 16th. We often get questions at our support about when a festival tickets are released. We want to emphasize that we always prints on our event page for each event when the tickets are released when we ourselves know it. So there is nothing we hold on to

As soon as Q-dance or other organizers announce a date, we publish it. Until then, we cannot give any specific answers about when it is released. What we can tell you, however, is how it has looked earlier years ?

What dates has it been before?

Previous ticket release of Defqon.1 tickets has been in February, March and April. In recent years it has been during these three months that the tickets were released by us and Q-dance.

This is of course no guarantee for this year or coming editions, but it gives a tip. Our recommendation is that you should have saved a few thousand kronor together and be prepared around these months.

How fast does Defqon.1 sell the tickets end?

Defqon.1 tickets sell out faster each year. Both with us and with Q-dance. In order for you not to miss the tickets or the travel packages, we recommend that you pre-register Defqon1.se.

By pre-registering you will receive SMS or email directly when we have new information such as ticket release, prices and more. Because you pre-registered you will also get priority on our ticket release, which increases your chances. You do not agree to purchase a trip when you pre-register.

I didn't book before it sold out, what do I do?

If the accident has occurred and all Defqon.1 tickets and travel packages have sold out, you can register in our mailing list. The queue list is available inside the event page and you only fill in your information there as usual.

Of course, this is also not binding

What does a travel package usually cost to Defqon.1?

In previous years, a standard travel package for Defqon.1 has been priced between 3495: - - 3995: - depending on the package and when booking. The earlier you book the better the price. You do books this page. ?

I have questions about Defqon.1, where do I turn?

Look in spring FAQ and on our info page about Defqon.1 among ours Tours. We also have one dedicated wiki where you can read everything about Defqon.1.

Mötesplats i Gelredome

Meeting place in Gelredome at the Swedish stand

It is not possible to stick under the chair because it is difficult to find each other Gelredome. When between 25,000 - 30,000 gather under the same floor, chaos will be organized :)

To enable Scandinavians to find each other, we have an official meeting place that we use every year. This part of the stands is good to use as a meeting place if you lose each other or you just want to meet other travelers.

We also try to always take group photos at this site around 23:15: D

Interested in a Hard Bass ticket? We have a few left. Book here >>>

Mötesplats i Gelredome

Harmony of Hardcore 2019 Lineup

Harmony of Hardcore 2019 Line-up

Finally have Harmony of Hardcore 2019 line-up released to the public! For the fourteenth consecutive year, the organizers present a completely ill line-up.

Harmony or Hardcore arranged in a small community called Erp in the Netherlands. The festival delivers a fantastic range of hardcore and all its sub-genres. For those who like Masters of Hardcore and Dominator Festival so you have to give this festival a chance. Several of the scenes are hosted by other smaller organizers such as PRSPCT Recordings, Footworxx, Noisekick etc while the larger and slightly broader Hardcore genres are managed by the organizer himself.

In addition to all the nice music, this festival is extra cozy if we want to say when the organizer takes the stage decoration very seriously. It will be a very cozy, pleasant and rural atmosphere. What could be better to hear 180+ bpm music in the country in the Netherlands? ;)

Where, when and how?

Harmony of Hardcore 2019 will be arranged on June 8, 2019 in Epr (a bit outside Eindhoven). The tickets have already been released to the festival itself if you want to buy directly off arranger.

Travel with Coretours

Coretours has previously organized festival trips to the festival. Are you a gang that is sucked? Should we try to arrange a trip again? : D
If you are tagged we will be tagged! Send us a message on the e-mail or via facebook to us so we peek the interest :)



Partyraiser vs. Bulletproof
Noize Suppressor
Tha Playah LIVE
Mad Dog vs. Unexist
Paul Elstak
Affix vs. teaser
Wreck Reality
Hosted by MC Alee

Rave Zone:
Dr. Peacock
Destructive Tendencies
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz
Sjammienators vs. Spitnoise
Affix vs. Bazzy
Hosted by MC Tha Watcher

Extreme Darkness:
The Sickest Squad

Mr. Ivex vs. Sprinky
Strikes & Kratchs
Super Trash Bros
La Casa de Hardcore
Hosted by MC No-ID

Millennium Mountain:

JDA vs. Vince
G-Town Madness
OCD vs. Dazzler
The Raver Tha Nouky
Hosted by MC Axys

Oldschool Gangsters:
Mental Theo
Marc Acardipane
Neophyte LIVE
The Viper
DJ Rob & MC Joe
Buzz Fuzz (50% Dream Team)
Gizmo (50% Dream Team)
Andy Raw b2b DJ Kristof
DJ Ron & Baby Raw feat MC Ike
Hosted by TMC & MC Joe

Noisekick's Terrordrang:
Noise High
Doctor Terror
Nekrosystem vs. Groan-s

Footworxx Militant Crew
terror Clown
Al Twisted
Deterrent Man
Eddy Hardcore
Shake Dee

Freestyle Maniacs
Royal S
Anna Crystal

Next Generation: 
Project Stigma
Resonant Squad
The Hitman
D-Hunter & Dryade
Check vs. Civillian
The Victim

The Satan
Lucy Furr
Rudi Ratte
Somniac One

Hur stor sannolikhet är det att få biljetter till Tomorrowland

How much is it likely to get tickets to Tomorrowland?

A very common question we often get is How likely it is to get tickets to Tomorrowland. We understand that many people are interested in getting tickets to one of the world's best festivals. Unfortunately, it is impossible to calculate a likelihood of the chance that you can buy tickets. Something we certainly know is, however, that the travel packages and tickets sell out record-fast.

We at Coretours offer Tomorrowland tickets and packages where transportation to and from the festival is included. Tomorrowland has its own ticket release.

What kind of ticket release is there?

Tomorrowland varierar sin process varje år. Tidigare har det tex varit: Ett för Global Journey, ett annat begränsat biljettsläpp och sedan det slutgiltliga släppet. Ett fjärdesläpp finns men det är endast för den Belgiska befolkningen. Vi på Coretours är officiell resepartner med Tomorrowland sedan 2016. Vi säljer våra egna resepaket på ett specifikt datum som Tomorrowland tilldelar oss.

Our release varies with the years but usually usually be in close connection with Tomorrowland's third release.

How can I know that I can book with you?

We can never guarantee who will buy a travel package with us but it is first come first served. If we look at statistics from previous years, everyone who has booked the same day we have released tickets. This can of course differ for 2019 as we can never in advance answer how much pressure we will have. However, something we know is that the pressure on the travel packages increases year by year. This means that we sell out more quickly for each of the years that go.

Beroende på vilken typ av biljettyp du är intresserad av så skiljer sig efterfrågan. Det vi har erbjudit tidigare år är Easy Tent, Magnificent Green and Friendship Garden men det kan variera år till år. Vi brukar kunna presentera vilka resepaket vi erbjuder för respektive år i december / januari.

How can I increase my opportunities?

We always recommend that you sign up for our Tomorrowland list Tomorrowland.nu. Detta är dock ingen garanti för att du kommer att få biljetter men det höjer dina chanser. Du får då den senaste informationen från oss via mail eller SMS samt förtur till biljettsläppet.

Crash course inför Tomorrowland med Ravepodden

Crash course ahead of Tomorrowland with the Rave pod

Ravepodden has uploaded a new site where they give a crash course to Tomorrowland. For those of you who have never been to Tomorrowland or simply want to know more about tickets, accommodation, traveling there, this section is perfect for you.

Ravepodden is a podcast that focuses on EDM festivals and talks to everyone there. Previous sections have interviewed artists MYST, The Slendy Show, Photographer MNO, the organizer Mix 'n Dance and others.

Where can I listen to the Rave pod?

Ravepodden is on SoundCloud and Spotify. It is exactly the same section represented on both channels.

Where can I read more information about Tomorrowland?

We have several articles where you can Read more about Tomorrowland under news in the menu bar. There is information about everything from different choices of ticket types to accommodation types. If you want to get information first of all pre-register then Tomorrowland.nu. Then we send out SMS or mail when we have something important to announce as ticket release etc.

Full Madness Pass Tomorrowland

What is the Full Madness Pass?

Full Madness Pass is what Tomorrowland calls its own entrance tickets. This is the entrance ticket for the festival and has nothing to do with DreamVille (Tomorrowlands camping).

Full Madness Pass innebär att man får tillgång till själva festivalen. Gentemot andra festivaler som du har besökt där man fått ett tygband som armband så får man hos Tomorrowland ett digital armband.

Armbandet används förutom till själva entrén till festivalen och eventuellt DreamVille till att man betalar för man och dryck med så kallade pearls. Du laddar ditt digitala armband vid olika stationer som finns utplacerade på festivalen och campingen. När du sedan beställer dryck i baren så får du upp ditt armband och blippar det mot en terminal därefter så blippar man igen för att godkänna summan och beställningen.

In which packages does Full Madness Pass include?

Entrance ticket is always included in our travel packages. Whichever package you choose from Easy Tent, Magnificent Green or Friendship Garden this is included. What distinguishes them just mention the travel packages above is what type of accommodation / camping form you want.

Can I buy only the entrance ticket of you?

According to Tomorrowland's strict travel partners rules, we must not sell Full Madness Pass seperat. Vi säljer alltså bara resepaket där entrébiljett, boende och transport ingår för.

Can I visit the campsite with a Full Madness Pass?

With only one Full Madness Pass you cannot visit DreamVille. In such cases, you must have purchased a travel package where any form of accommodation on DreamVille is included or have purchased it through the Tomorrowland website. However, there are different permissions on the DreamVille campsite. For example, you cannot visit the Easy Tent campsite at DreamVille with one Magnificent Green package. However, you can with one Easy Tent packages visit the Magnificent Green campsite as well as the Easy Tent campsite (doh!).

You can therefore say that the more exclusive packages you choose, the more access you get to the different camping areas.

Are there various forms of Full Madness Pass?

There is another form called Full Madness Pass Comfort. This entrance ticket can be equated with VIP tickets as it is called at other festivals.

Among other things, a Comfort Pass gives you access to better views through stands on selected scenes. All scenes at Tomorrowland do not have extra stands with most of them. It is usually way less people on the stand and that you have access to your own bar. The queues are considerably shorter here compared to the usual bars. With Comfort Pass you also get your own entrance to Tomorrowland. The advantage of this is that there is normally no queue to the usual entrance.

However, the price for a Comfort band is very much more expensive than a regular one. Around 2500kr extra costs such an upgrade for Tomorrowland.

How do I do if I want to buy a package?

Visit our dedicated Tomorrowland page and pre-register. We will then email or text you when we have more updates around when we will release our entrance tickets.


Intents Festival 2019 Slutsålt

Intents Festival 2019 is sold out by the organizer

Intents Festival has done so again, in less than 20min sold Intents Festival weekend ticket and camping end. Just like the previous editions for 2018 and 2017, the festival's usual tickets are more or less sold out.

Why do they sell out so fast?

Most likely because the Intents Festival stands out a little extra from the crowd compared to other festivals. Intents Festival focuses on creating an atmosphere throughout the festival. By this we mean that you do not just care to decorate the scenes only. The organizer also adds tremendous assurance that the whole campsite should be a decorated experience and full of activities. All the corridors and joints to / from the dance floor and at the campsite are also these ohhurt beautifully decorated.

Another factor is that because the Intents team organized the festival, it was so good that they once again received the "Best Festival" award in all Benelux categories. Benelux is the region with Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium. It is thus a really great merit to get this award given that there are three countries participating. In addition, there are many music festivals in this region of the world that make the award even more worthwhile.

Why should I go there?

To experience the amazing atmosphere and atmosphere that the organizer creates! The festival is a bit like Defqon.1 Festival fixed in a miniature format. You do not need to walk 15-20min to get to a scene that is at the other end. Camping is relatively small and cozy which means that you can quickly and easily reach the festival.

So take the chance and go there for the festival is something very special even if you are used to traveling in the Netherlands.

Can you still book with you?

We have a limited number tickets and travel packages remain at the time of writing this article. Intents Festival is, as I said, sold out every year both through the organizer's own channels and via Coretours.