Tomorrowland Lineup

Tomorrowland Lineup 2019

Tomorrowland Lineup has not yet been released, however, which hosts each scene. Tomorrowland lineup usually published a few weeks or a few months in advance. Tomorrowland houses more than 10 scenes where a wide variety of electronic music is played. Each day has its own unique type of music styles in addition to mainstage that more or less plays house.

What can we expect in 2019?

Just like previous editions, Tomorrowland books the foremost artists in each music genre. On mainstage, Avicii, Steve Aoki, David Guetta has played to name a few. On the other scenes that include trance and hardstyle, Headhunterz and Armin van Buuren have played. There is no doubt that the lineup for 2019 will also contain very big names.

When is timetable presented?

Well once Tomorrowland lineup have announced so you usually have to wait a little while before the festival to know the times Dj's playing. A timetable is usually published the same week or a week before the event. It is always problematic with large festivals when two artists you really want to see can overlap. Tomorrowland is so big with it so it is very difficult to rush between the scenes if you want to see both. The reason is that there is so much visitors, which makes it very crowded to walk between the scenes.

Normally, one set usually lasts for one hour. Sometimes Dj's so-called lives set and then it usually is 30 minutes they play. One hour is standard in the industry and is usually just right. Sometimes at endings or end shows, they may play for an hour and 30 minutes.

Where can I find the lineup once it has been published?

We will present Tomorrowland lineup on this page as soon as they have advertised it. Until then, you will have to settle for your own imagination. You can get a little hint of what the Tomorrowland lineup has to offer by looking at previous editions.

Which scenes will be in 2019?

Week 1


Tomorrowland lineup 2019 scener fredag


Tomorrowland lineup 2019 scener lördag


Tomorrowland lineup 2019 scener-söndag

Week 2


Tomorrowland lineup 2019 scener fredag-vecka-2


Tomorrowland lineup 2019 scener lördag-vecka-2


Tomorrowland lineup 2019 scener söndag vecka 2

What for different travel packages do you offer to Tomorrowland?

Vart är Tomorrowland

Where is Tomorrowland?

Where is Tomorrowland? The actual origin originates from Boom which is located in Belgium. Nowadays, however, Tomorrowland is spread and is also organized in Brazil and in the United States under the name TomorrowWorld.

Boom is just a small town with just under 20,000 inhabitants. This can be compared to the number of visitors to Tomorrowland which draws about 360,000 each year during the two weekends festival. It is, to say the least, a huge figure in relation to how small a population lives in Boom.

However, it can be seen that much of Boom in Belgium loves what Tomorrowland brings with it. In every other window you can see Tomorrowland stickers and flags hanging in the windows and on the buildings. When you walk from the outskirts of Boom towards Tomorrowland, a number of the residents have slammed up market stalls where they sell everything from food and drink to fun toys and Tomorrowland branded products such as T-shirts, flags and more.

Criticism towards the festival

The festival clearly affects and at some point, a small group of population has made a notification with the municipal authority where they opposed it to be arranged two weekends. However, they have not been heard for this. This can easily be explained by the fact that the festival obviously entails a huge turnover for Boom in the form of increased sales of food, hotel rooms, private housing and other things that tourists spend money on. You can imagine yourself when you go abroad on a holiday or festival how easy it is to spend money when you have to treat yourself during the holidays.

However, the festival has begun to reach its maximum limit, which is evident from how crowded it can sometimes be in the event area. The festival area, however, is not expanding more where it is currently arranged so that as long as the organizers do not choose to change places, it will be reserved for approximately 180,000 visitors per weekend. Are you interested in tickets to Tomorrowland then you can read more here.


Bus is the most fun way to go to Tomorrowland. Why? Well because you meet a whole dream of like-minded people. The ancestor and the community on the bus are unbeatable which means that it is no problem to travel by yourself if you thought so. On the trips everyone is welcomed to the Coretours family. Together we have a nice time together where we feast, eat, laugh, sleep and a lot of other nice things.

For those who love to meet new people and to socialize, the bus is the obvious choice for you. But are you discouraged that it takes a few hours to go to Tomorrowland by bus? This is exactly where the bus is the advantage, because time will fly away when you meet like-minded people. You know for yourself how fast the time goes when you have fun?


Flyga is for those who have minimal luggage and want to get to the festival quickly. Remember, however, that you still have to go to the airport, be there in good time and check in and that it is not as "free" as it is on a bus to confirm and to wander around and socialize.

Our flight packages are available from Helsinki, Copenhagen, Landvetter and Stockholm.

map View

Qlimax 2018

Ticket release Qlimax 2018

Now it is not long before our long-awaited tickets and travel packages Qlimax 2018 released. On September 16 13:00 our packages are officially released.

Qlimax is organized by Q-dance and has been sold out every year since the start of Qlimax. Qlimax is known as the mother of hardstyle. It was here that everything started and put hardstyle on the map. All the major artists over the years have played at this event. The venue holds about 28,000 visitors.

Do you want to get a priority and other benefits? Pre-register on information page about Qlimax Then we send out information directly to you via SMS and mail.

Flyg till Tomorrowland

Information about the flight to Tomorrowland 2019

First of all, we at Coretours are extremely happy that you have chosen to book flights Tomorrowland with us at Coretours ?

What happens when I book and receive order confirmation from you?

Now that all our travel packages are sold out, we will sit down and coordinate our flights together with the bus trips we offer. The receipt attached as PDF in the order confirmation is your travel document with us. If you do not find any mail in your inbox or junk mail, you can always download your order receipt on with the exception of if you traded against invoice via iZettle with us. If you have paid via iZettle then the invoice you received from us is your receipt and order certificate, this receipt cannot be downloaded from

When does the fly go?

Our flights to Tomorrowland are based on Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm Skavsta or a combination of both.


Week 1

SK 589
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
July 18

Week 2

SK 589
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
July 25

Journey home

Week 1

SK 590
July 22nd

Week 2

SK 590
July 29

How long does the flight take?

About 2 -3h.

How does the flight go?

All travelers are advised to arrive no later than 2h before the flight departure time to the airport.

We then go through the security team and then on to the boarding of the flight to Tomorrowland.

When we landed, the tour guides gather all together at the street after leaving the plane.

We then go to the overall troop to the trunk.

How do we get from the airport to Tomorrowland?

A bus arrives and picks you up close to the airport and then drives you to Tomorrowland. The same goes for the return journey.

It is your responsibility to stay close to the tour leader throughout the trip. The tour leader leads the way to the bus. We have many holding times we have to fit so we cannot wait for someone who gets late because there is a fun candy machine at the airport or that you are covering the airport ?

How time does the home journey begin and where should I go?

We take the bus back to the airport at 6am on Monday morning. It is your own responsibility to be on time in the place specified below. The bus can't wait :)

Upphamtning med buss hemresan Tomorrowland 2019

Plats for hemresa Tomorrowland 2019

How much luggage can I bring?

1 x 23kg checked baggage.
1 x 8kg hand luggage.

How do we get to Tomorrowland?

Once we arrive at the entrance to Tomorrowland, it is check-in valid.

Magnificent Green

For those who booked Magnificent Green Then it is just a check-in then you follow the instructions from the staff yourself where you can look up your tent at the DreamVille campsite.

Easy Tent

For those who booked Easy Tent then it is one or two check-ins (depending on where Tomorrowland lets us in and the bus) first one to regular DreamVille campsite then / or we walk to the Easy Tent check-in.

The tour guides have Easy Tent packages so you have booked Easy Tent so it is recommended that you follow them.

When do I get Tomorrowland Treasure Chesten?

As our planning is when this is written you will receive your Treasure Chest at the airport from the tour leader. We will not send them home in advance.

How do I get my air tickets?

The flight tickets are not sent out by mail or home to you. At Arlanda and Brussels, you, together with the tour leader, check in at the airport's ticket machines just like you do otherwise. The tour leader provides a booking reference that you get when you meet.

Where do we meet at the airport?

Outside Skycity 05:30 :)

Uppsamling på Arlanda Tomorrowland

More questions?

Always read ours FAQ first. If you cannot find your answer please contact us via messenger or by mail ?

Swedish Avicii flag at Tomorrowland 2018

Tribute to Avicii at Tomorrowland 2018

To pay tribute to everything that Avicii contributed with so produced Coretours travelers and the Facebook group Swedes to Tomorrowland a flag. In total, more than 130 people contributed to this flag being possible :)

The tribute has spread like wildfire all over the world and has been mentioned in Dutch / Belgian TV and Radio.



Some news articles abroad

Tomorrowland 2017

Tomorrowland 2018

Summer runs on and it is soon time for a new edition of Tomorrowland.


The festival bracelets together with the box are handed out on the bus during the journey. On the bracelet are two codes that you enter on Tomorrowland's website to register an account and fill in with pearls.

The bracelet is activated via this link >>>

Pickup Locations

Click on trips since Tomorrowland and you will see all our pick-up points and times for these. If you also click on the place you will be forwarded to a page where you see the exact address and a map image.

Was at the pickup point about 1h in advance. If you are traveling collectively, then remember that we live in Sweden where the train traffic is a little bit so sometimes so have the margin on your side.


Passports are mandatory for all our trips that take place in the EU outside Scandinavia. Driving licenses, bank ID cards and more have always been a valid travel document outside Scandinavia, but it is a walking trip. Just because you have never been controlled when driving around the EU before does not mean that it is allowed. We have had several checks abroad in Germany by the German police where nothing but passport or national ID card issued by the police accepted. The passport should be available near you throughout the trip so that we do not have to go into the luggage and look up the passport in case of a possible check.

When it is mandatory with a passport, you will be denied access to the bus and the trip if you cannot show the passport when boarding. No pass = no trip :(


Have you booked a tent through us? In such cases, you have the opportunity to pick up your tent when we parked the bus at Tomorrowland. Keep in mind that this is only a loan and that a damaged tent or not submitted will be charged an agift of 1000 SEK per tent. Anyone who cannot pay on the spot will be refused return home until the fee is paid. Keep in mind that it is also your responsibility over the tent even if it is a third party that destroys or damaged the tent.

Entrance to Tomorrowland

After we parked we go together as a group for the visitation and check-in to DreamVille. If you want to live with us at Friendship Garden then you need to follow the tour guides as we need to check in the entire group at the same time so that you can be assigned the bracelets required to reach this reserved area.


If the opening hours allow, we will stop and border trade in Germany. Here you will find drinks, sweets and other small and good at fantastic prices.

Some places we usually stay at are the following

The bus

The bus is parked at the P8 car park. It is possible to leave things in the bus but keep in mind that the bus is locked throughout the event until we return home.

Packing on the bus

In order to reduce congestion and keep the escape routes free, larger luggage must not be included in the bus. Exercise bag or backpack is optimal so try to pack so you have everything necessary so we do not have to go into the luggage and rot. Of course, quilt, pillow and food and drink are allowed to include.

Journey home

Every weekend we go home 03:00. The tour guides will coordinate at the campsite around 2am so you can have a party. It is very important that you are at our campsite at 02:00 if you want to join the bus. Tomorrowland's pick-up points may change during the stay, which means that the boarding point on the journey home may differ from where you were dropped off on your journey.

Swedes to Tomorrowland

There is an imaginatively helpful and active group on Facebook called Swedes to Tomorrowland where we try to collect all heroes who are interested in Tomorrowland. Here you can read several questions and answers and discuss with other like-minded people :)

Travel guide week 1

Benjamin och Jonas

Travel guide week 2

Antonio och Linnéa

Coretours midsommardans lördag

Midsummer dance at Defqon.1 2018

As you know, it became problematic with time on Friday to organize the Midsummer dance so we thought we were trying to recover it on Saturday instead of a hearty sleeping morning.
We have therefore planned the following :)

Midsummer Dance | Saturday 13:15 - 14:15

Midsummer dance is organized on Saturday instead of the following venue,5.7545105&z=17&hl=sv together with the events below. The location is close to the entrance directly after the bus parking outside Q-dance travel.
Share the place with your friends who have come here otherwise. Don't forget to bring your biggest speaker :)

Coretours merchandise sales | Saturday 13:15 - 14:15

Where we organize the Midsummer dance, we again offer the opportunity to buy Coretour's merchandise. Here are caps, flags and sunsets for sale. Payment is made with Swish.

Degos & Re-done signing | Saturday 13:15 - 14:15

When we do not have autographs at the break stop because of the bus drivers' driving time, Degos & Re-done tries to attend our midsummer event. Don't miss their set BLUE 12:00 – 13:00.

Group photo - again | Saturday 13:15 - 14:15

Yes we don't get enough of your beautiful faces :)
Bring your best smile and outfit so the group photo will be magical!

Coretours midsommardans lördag