What is Tomorrowland?

What is Tomorrowland?

A music festival which attracts about 2 million people from around the globe to try and make it to the Tomorrowland. The only music festival which sells about 180,000 tickets in the blink of an eye. It is the only music festival which takes an entire airport terminal just to accommodate its attendees. It is the festival which brings together approximately 180,000 people from all around the world. That is Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland is the world’s biggest music dance festival, bringing together A-list lineup of DJs from across the dance music spectrum. This gives everyone the option of enjoying whichever music form they are into. Whether they are into EDM, house, techno, or hardstyle. A wide range of the world’s best DJs, fantastic stage designs, production, and incredible surprises are few of the features due to which the tickets of Tomorrowland sell out within minutes.

Fast facts about Tomorrowland

  • What is Tomorrowland: The largest EDM festival in the world. Started in 2005.
  • When is it: Every summer. Two different weeks in July.
  • Where is it: Boom! Located between Brussels and Antwerp.
  • Participation: When the festival started in 2005, the number of visitors was 9,000. Since then, the number of visitors has increased every year, and now 180,000 people participate.

This year, The book of wisdom themed Tomorrowland will be stretched over two weekends to celebrate its 15th anniversary in Belgium. The three-day festival will make you DJs of different genres within electronic music. When we talk about visiting Tomorrowland, we are not only talking about state-of-the-art DJs but also the world-class decorations one can imagine. Ever since it came into being in 2005, it has become the most loved music festival on the globe, and there is no doubt why! Tomorrowland is truly something which can not be described but can only be experienced.

With Tomorrowland being the most significant music festival of the world and its tickets being sold in record-breaking time, one traveling partner is just not enough to accommodate all of its fans. There are several traveling partners of Tomorrowland to make it convenient for the music fans to get there in a hassle-free manner and on time of course. The official traveling partner of Tomorrowland is Coretours.

Coretours is one of Tomorrowland's official travel partners who provide entrance tickets and camping to the fans.

The available packages are

Coretours is the official travelling partner of Tomorrowland. They have an ability to make the whole experience out of the world for you. All you have to do is book your ticket with them, get on the bus, have an enjoyable ride, pre-party with the Coretours family before the party starts. Once you are done partying, you can get back on the bus with your memories and they will drive you back to your chosen pickup point.

In front of Tomorrowland 2019, Coretours also offers air travel, which means that you can also book and take part of their travel package by air. Their travel package by plane includes Full Madness passport. The packages you can choose from are Easy tent, Magnificant Green, and Friendship Garden.

The benefits of traveling with Coretours

  • TICKET OF aDMISSION: Ticket of admission and camping ticket to Magnificant green or Easy tent.
  • Bus / air travel and return journey: This is picking you up and dropping you back at your chosen pickup point. You can choose and confirm the pickup point amongst the given options. That is you are likely to hang out with the like-minded people throughout the trip.
  • 230 volt outlet: All the buses are equipped with 230V power which enables you to charge your phone, laptop, flashlight or absolutely anything else.
  • Love and friendship: The whole traveling experience with Coretours is super-friendly. The whole community in general and the Coretours family, in particular, is super-friendly.
  • Borrowing tents: There are two types of tents available with Coretours. For those who do not book Easy tent the package then there is another option which means that you borrow tents from Coretours. These tents can be picked up when you reach Tomorrowland and can be returned when you leave the festival after it is over, to borrow the tents is free.
  • Transportation to and from the airport: Flying with Coretours includes transferring to and from the airport in Brussel.

Information about flights to and from Tomorrowland

Once you have booked your flight with Coretours, your bus trip can be coordinated with the flight that has been booked. The receipt that you get after order confirmation is the traveling document. The receipt can be downloaded from the Coretours.se.

How does the flight go?

A bus will be arranged for the travelers to pick them up from the airport and drive them to the Tomorrowland. Exactly the same procedure will be applied on the return journey from Tomorrowland to the airport. A tour leader is also provided by the CoreTours to make sure no inconvenience is caused to all the travelers. Hence, it is always advised to stay close to the travel guide. One thing everyone needs to be careful of that due to many holding times, it will not be possible for the group to wait for anybody who is running late. So, punctuality will be highly appreciated.

How do we get to Tomorrowland from the airport?

When you arrive at the airport in Belgium, a bus will be available to transport you from the airport directly to Tomorrowland. The return journey takes place the opposite - a bus will be ready outside Tomorrowland's gates to take you directly to the airport. A travel guide from Coretours will be available to ensure that no inconvenience affects travelers. Therefore, we recommend that travelers always stay close to the tour guide if something unpredictable should occur and we need to reach out to you with new information. One important thing to remember is that it is incredibly important to fit the set times. It will not be possible for the whole group to wait for someone to come late. Hence, punctuality is important and appreciated.

How to get to Tomorrowland?

How you will get into Tomorrowland will depend on what you booked.

  • Magnificent Green: Once you have reached, then you can check-in, After check-in, you can take instructions from the staff and can look up for your tent at the DreamVille Campsite.
  • Easy Tent: You check in at the specially designed Easy Tent Once you have reached, then you can check-in, After check-in, you can take instructions from the staff and can look up for your tent at the DreamVille Campsite.

When everyone is ready to party, the next question will appear: How do we get home?

Coretours has got you covered from the time you book a package with them till the time you get home!

After the music festival is over, there will be a meeting point where everyone will gather. The meeting point and the time will already be communicated to the group members. The meeting point will be sent out as a coordinate during the festival.

Once again, everyone will be requested to be on time as it is convenient for everyone. After everyone gathers at the meeting point, they are taken to the bus and then to the airport.

Why choose Coretours?

Being one of the official travel partners of Tomorrowland, Coretours ensures convenient and hassle-free traveling of everyone who books travel packages with them. Different aspects of traveling ranging from very minute areas, which are often neglected by different other companies, to major ones are covered. They make sure to make the whole trip memorable for everyone by providing the best quality services. Starting from comfortable traveling which includes comfy buses with various features to suitable flights. The buses dedicated to Tomorrowland travelers are highly comfortable and have added features such as the power supply which keeps everyone covered with enabling them to keep all their electronic devices charged.

Furthermore, they provide you with super-friendly staff. From the customer care service to the guides who accompany you to the Coretours family which travels with you on buses. They are all dedicated to making your trip not only comfortable but also memorable.

Coretours have made the customer satisfaction their priority which is why every information which is needed or could possibly be required by the travelers is provided on their official website along with their contact details. The contact details are provided to encourage the ones who already have or who wish to book flights with them to contact them for any query they may have.

Coretours offer various travel packages according to the needs or requirements of individuals. Different travel packages come with different features and offers which are adopted keeping in mind they services people will be looking for in travel packages. The packages make them stand out amongst the rest.

To sum it up, despite attending one of the most awaited music festivals of the year, if you are not traveling with the right ones, you are probably going to risk your entire experience. Trust me, nobody enjoys bad transportation! It just ruins the whole experience. To make sure, you are not one of them and have a wonderful trip overall, you have Coretours to keep you covered.

Flights to Tomorrowland

Information about the flight to Tomorrowland 2019

First of all, we at Coretours are extremely happy that you have chosen to book flights Tomorrowland with us at Coretours 😊

What happens when I book and receive order confirmation from you?

Now that all our travel packages are sold out, we will sit down and coordinate our flights together with the bus trips we offer. The receipt attached as PDF in the order confirmation is your travel document with us. If you do not find any mail in your inbox or junk mail, you can always download your order receipt on Coretours.se with the exception of if you traded against invoice via iZettle with us. If you have paid via iZettle then the invoice you received from us is your receipt and order certificate, this receipt cannot be downloaded from Coretours.se.

When does the fly go?

Our flights to Tomorrowland are based on Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm Skavsta or a combination of both.


Week 1

SK 589
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
July 18

Week 2

SK 589
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
July 25

Journey home

Week 1

SK 590
July 22nd

Week 2

SK 590
July 29

How long does the flight take?

About 2 -3h.

How does the flight go?

All travelers are advised to arrive no later than 2h before the flight departure time to the airport.

We then go through the security team and then on to the boarding of the flight to Tomorrowland.

When we landed, the tour guides gather all together at the street after leaving the plane.

We then go to the overall troop to the trunk.

How do we get from the airport to Tomorrowland?

A bus arrives and picks you up close to the airport and then drives you to Tomorrowland. The same goes for the return journey.

It is your responsibility to stay close to the tour leader throughout the trip. The tour leader leads the way to the bus. We have many holding times we have to fit so we cannot wait for someone who gets late because there is a fun candy machine at the airport or that you are covering the airport 😉

How time does the home journey begin and where should I go?

We take the bus back to the airport at 6am on Monday morning. It is your own responsibility to be on time in the place specified below. The bus can't wait :)

Lifting by bus home journey Tomorrowland 2019

Place of departure Tomorrowland 2019

How much luggage can I bring?

1 x 23kg checked baggage.
1 x 8kg hand luggage.

How do we get to Tomorrowland?

Once we arrive at the entrance to Tomorrowland, it is check-in valid.

Magnificent Green

For those who booked Magnificent Green Then it is just a check-in then you follow the instructions from the staff yourself where you can look up your tent at the DreamVille campsite.

Easy Tent

For those who booked Easy Tent then it is one or two check-ins (depending on where Tomorrowland lets us in and the bus) first one to regular DreamVille campsite then / or we walk to the Easy Tent check-in.

The tour guides have Easy Tent packages so you have booked Easy Tent so it is recommended that you follow them.

When do I get Tomorrowland Treasure Chesten?

As our planning is when this is written you will receive your Treasure Chest at the airport from the tour leader. We will not send them home in advance.

How do I get my air tickets?

The flight tickets are not sent out by mail or home to you. At Arlanda and Brussels, you, together with the tour leader, check in at the airport's ticket machines just like you do otherwise. The tour leader provides a booking reference that you get when you meet.

Where do we meet at the airport?

Outside Skycity 05:30 :)

Collection at Arlanda Tomorrowland

More questions?

Always read ours FAQ first. If you cannot find your answer please contact us via messenger or by mail 😃

How likely it is to get tickets to Tomorrowland

How much is it likely to get tickets to Tomorrowland?

A very common question we often get is How likely it is to get tickets to Tomorrowland. We understand that many people are interested in getting tickets to one of the world's best festivals. Unfortunately, it is impossible to calculate a likelihood of the chance that you can buy tickets. Something we certainly know is, however, that the travel packages and tickets sell out record-fast.

We at Coretours offer Tomorrowland tickets and packages where transportation to and from the festival is included. Tomorrowland has its own ticket release.

What kind of ticket release is there?

Tomorrowland varies its process every year. For 2019, they have three different releases. One for Global Journey, another limited ticket release and then the final release. There is a quay but it is only for the Belgian population. We at Coretours are official travel partners with Tomorrowland since 2016. We sell our own travel packages on a specific date that Tomorrowland assigns to us. For 2019 this is the date February 3, 17:00.

Our release varies with the years but usually usually be in close connection with Tomorrowland's third release.

How can I know that I can book with you?

We can never guarantee who will buy a travel package with us but it is first come first served. If we look at statistics from previous years, everyone who has booked the same day we have released tickets. This can of course differ for 2019 as we can never in advance answer how much pressure we will have. However, something we know is that the pressure on the travel packages increases year by year. This means that we sell out more quickly for each of the years that go.

Depending on the type of ticket you are interested in, the demand differs. The ones we offer are among other things Easy Tent, Magnificent Green and Friendship Garden.

How can I increase my opportunities?

We always recommend that you sign up for our Tomorrowland list Tomorrowland.nu. However, this is no guarantee that you will get tickets but it will increase your chances. You will then receive the latest information from us via email or SMS. In addition, we often have pre-release tickets for those who have pre-registered themselves.

Crash course ahead of Tomorrowland with the Rave pod

Crash course ahead of Tomorrowland with the Rave pod

Ravepodden has uploaded a new site where they give a crash course to Tomorrowland. For those of you who have never been to Tomorrowland or simply want to know more about tickets, accommodation, traveling there, this section is perfect for you.

Ravepodden is a podcast that focuses on EDM festivals and talks to everyone there. Previous sections have interviewed artists MYST, The Slendy Show, Photographer MNO, the organizer Mix 'n Dance and others.

Where can I listen to the Rave pod?

Ravepodden is on SoundCloud and Spotify. It is exactly the same section represented on both channels.

Where can I read more information about Tomorrowland?

We have several articles where you can Read more about Tomorrowland under news in the menu bar. There is information about everything from different choices of ticket types to accommodation types. If you want to get information first of all pre-register then Tomorrowland.nu. Then we send out SMS or mail when we have something important to announce as ticket release etc.

Full Madness Pass Tomorrowland

What is the Full Madness Pass?

Full Madness Pass is what Tomorrowland calls its own entrance tickets. This is the entrance ticket for the festival and has nothing to do with DreamVille (Tomorrowlands camping).

In which packages does Full Madness Pass include?

Entrance ticket is always included in our travel packages. Whichever package you choose from Easy Tent, Magnificent Green or Friendship Garden this is included. What distinguishes them just mention the travel packages above is what type of accommodation / camping form you want.

Can I buy only the entrance ticket of you?

According to Tomorrowland's strict travel partners rules, we must not sell Full Madness Pass seperately. So we only sell travel packages where entrance ticket, accommodation and transport are included for 2019.

Can I visit the campsite with a Full Madness Pass?

With only one Full Madness Pass you cannot visit DreamVille. In such cases, you must have purchased a travel package where any form of accommodation on DreamVille is included or have purchased it through the Tomorrowland website. However, there are different permissions on the DreamVille campsite. For example, you cannot visit the Easy Tent campsite at DreamVille with one Magnificent Green package. However, you can with one Easy Tent packages visit the Magnificent Green campsite as well as the Easy Tent campsite (doh!).

You can therefore say that the more exclusive packages you choose, the more access you get to the different camping areas.

Are there various forms of Full Madness Pass?

There is another form called Full Madness Pass Comfort. This entrance ticket can be equated with VIP tickets as it is called at other festivals.

Among other things, a Comfort Pass gives you access to better views through stands on selected scenes. All scenes at Tomorrowland do not have extra stands with most of them. It is usually way less people on the stand and that you have access to your own bar. The queues are considerably shorter here compared to the usual bars. With Comfort Pass you also get your own entrance to Tomorrowland. The advantage of this is that there is normally no queue to the usual entrance.

However, the price for a Comfort band is very much more expensive than a regular one. Around 2500kr extra costs such an upgrade for Tomorrowland.

How do I do if I want to buy a package?

Visit our dedicated Tomorrowland page and pre-register. We will then email or text you when we have more updates around when we will release our entrance tickets.


What is the difference between week 1 and week 2 at Tomorrowland

What is the difference between weeks 1 and 2 at Tomorrowland?

Is there any difference between weeks 1 and 2 at Tomorrowland? The answer is yes!

Tomorrowland is held in July every year for two weekends. A few years ago, Tomorrowland was only a weekend but since the anniversary and Tomorrowlands flirted with the authorities, it is now two weekends, which means that the lineup and who host the scenes can be a little different between the weeks.

What is the difference?

Of course, no changes occur in the actual camping area at DreamVille. To this count Magnificent Green, Easy Tent, Friendship Garden and a number of other accommodation options. The campsite retains the same wonderful atmosphere, as well as the same shops and enclosures.

The difference is that the lineup can vary as well as who "coughs" each scene. As we told you about an earlier article then different agencies represent Tomorrowland scenes every weekend. This means, for example, that A State of Trance is represented week 1 while week 2, then there is a completely different agency that hosts the scene itself. This means that it can be a completely different lineup for a weekend. It can also mean that it is a completely different host a weekend.

How do you know who is coughing each scene?

It varies from year to year and Tomorrowland usually publishes a list in January or February with which agency represents which weekend or both weekends. Q-dance is an example of an organizer / agency that arranges both weekends. We have compiled a list of who coughs for 2019.

How do I know which weekend to go?

You can already start looking at our post about Tomorrowland's lineup and scenes to see who is hosting and weekend. No lineup is published when this is written but depending on which host you can read which music style will be played. Tomorrowland always tries to book the biggest artists in each genre so that you would be disappointed with the Tomorrowland lineup we find unlikely.


Easy Tent Tomorrowland DreamVille

Easy Tent

Do you want to spend your nights at DreamVille at Tomorrowland but do not drag all the camping equipment and everything that it means? Then it is Easy Tent the package something that will fall you completely into the taste. With Easy Tent the package is all already prepared and ready for you when you and your companion arrive at Tomorrowland.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are many with an Easy Tent package. The tents are already set up on a special camping area that only you and your companion have access to. Of course you can visit regular Magnificent Green the campsite if it is so that you want to meet your friends or go and get to know new people from all over the world. The air mattress is waiting for you along with a goodie bag in the form of sleeping accessories. A mystic lantern is also included so that you can illuminate your dear sleeping nights during the nights and evenings.

On Easy Tent There are of course access to toilets and showers as well as other supplies such as drinks and food. You do not need to take any longer distance to use these facilities that are offered. The area is also very tidy and not as crowded as it can easily be at the Magnificent Green campsite where tens of thousands of people pitch their tents on Thursday.

The popularity of this type of travel package has increased over the years since we started driving and is definitely recommendable for those who want it comfortable for a night sleep and hang. The campsite is also closer to Tomorrowland's entrance, which means that the distance is considerably shorter than if you sleep on the Magnificent Green or Friendship Garden camp. We do as best we can to gather you and your friends (if you are more than 2) as close together as possible at this campsite together with Tomorrowland's officials and crew.

What is included?

  • Access to DreamVille - 5 days
  • Access to the Easy Tent campsite - 5 days
  • Full Madness Pass - Entrance to Tomorrowland - 3 days
  • Entrance to The Gathering - Tomorrowlands party at the camping on Thursday
  • Access to DreamVille market - food stores, bakery, bar and more
  • Access to toilets and showers
  • A limited edition Tomorrowland tent
  • Double air mattress
  • Two sleeping bags
  • lockable
  • Goodie bag


  • Easy Tent (2 persons) - (Full Madness Pass + camping at Easy Tent camping) costs SEK 5600 per person (we do not only sell tickets)
  • Easy Tent (2 persons) - (Full Madness Pass + camping at Easy Tent camping) with travel costs 8995: - by bus and 9495: - by air per person

You can read more about Tomorrowland rates and accommodations on our second page.

Tomorrowland's own site

Easy Tent Tomorrowland

Friendship Garden Tomorrowland DreamVille

Friendship Garden

Are you a large group of 10 people who want to camp together in a fenced area especially dedicated to you with much space? Then Friendship Garden is the perfect package to choose for you :)

Friendship Garden is located inside Magnificent Green the campsite but you have your own entrance from the campsite to your area. You will be assigned a large grass area so you don't have to camp with tens of thousands of others to look up their tents. At the Magnificent Green campsite, it can be difficult to find space for a large group as people put up tents to the right and left. At Friendship Garden, your own land plot is already prepared for you and fenced. If you are a company that is sure to want to sit next to each other with your tents, it is as said this the package you should choose.

Of course there are a number of others who choose Friendship Garden and you have of course access to the entire regular campsite so that you can go and meet your friends. You will not be excluded from your other comrades, but they are just a little walk away.

Separated toilets and showers

Another advantage many people enjoy is that inside the Friendship Garden campsite you have "own" toilets and showers separated from the megastore regular campsite. This means that you do not have to be particularly concerned about longer queues for toilet or shower as in ordinary camping. In addition, the toilets and showers are very close to your campsite, which means that you do not have to walk very far when they are in a hurry in southern Thailand.

Does this sound interesting? In such cases you should contact us at info (@) coretours.se if you are interested in good time, we can provide a nice travel package with us via bus or flight and a place at this fantastic camping part. Our travel packages have sold out every year since we started driving to Tomorrowland so they are of interest so please contact us immediately.

Do you want to stay more comfortable?

Would you rather be interested in sleeping on a camping near Tomorrowland's entrance and where the tent is finished and all sleeping items are available as air mattress and pillow? Then read more about ours Easy Tent package.

What is included?

  • Access to DreamVille - 5 days
  • Access to Friendship Garden - Your very own campsite
  • Full Madness Pass - Entrance to Tomorrowland - 3 days
  • Entrance to The Gathering - Tomorrowlands party at the camping on Thursday
  • Access to DreamVille market - food stores, bakery, bar and more
  • Access to toilets and showers


  • Friendship Garden (Entrance + camping at Friendship Garden) costs about SEK 4400 per person (we do not only sell tickets)
  • Friendship Garden (Entrance + camping at Friendship Garden) with travel costs 7995: - by bus and 8995: - by air

Tomorrowland's own site

Friendship Garden Tomorrowland DreamVille

Tomorrowland Tickets Full Madness Pass

Tomorrowland tickets & prices

Tomorrowland tickets are hotly sought after each year. Year after year, a few years after the start, Tomorrowland's tickets sell out at record speed. The festival has gone from about 10,000 visitors at the start to now accommodate 400,000 (2019) visitors during the two weekends it is being organized. Growth, to say the least, has been enormous and demand does not appear to be declining.

We at Coretours have been official partners with Tomorrowland since 2016 and thus provided travel packages where entrance tickets (called Full Madness Pass or Comfort Pass) have been included in our packages. We offer different travel packages that Magnificent Green, Friendship Garden and Easy Tent. The modes of transport we offer are bus and flight.

What does the cheapest package cost?

So what is Tomorrowland's fare? It varies greatly. If we simplify the equation then the festival ticket (Full Madness Pass) and campsite (DreamVille) cost about SEK 4200. This package calls Tomorrowland Magnificent Green. This is the price only for the ticket and the camping that Tomorrowland takes. In addition to Full Madness Pass, there is also the Full Madness Pass Comfort. Comfort is a form of VIP / Premium ticket for the festival which gives you access to exclusive stands a bit here and where and your own bars. In addition, they are very similar to the usual Full Madness Pass.

Get tickets

So what do you do if you want to confiscate Tomorrowland tickets? Pre-register! Then you get a number of benefits for our Tomorrowland tickets. Coretours is an official partner with Tomorrowland and offers travel packages with admission tickets in the form of Magnficent Green (Full madness pass + regular camping), Easy tent (Full madness pass + pre-arranged tent for 2 people) and Friendship Garden.

Coretours has organized festival trips to Tomorrowland 2016, Tomorrowland 2017 and Tomorrowland 2018. Every year all our travel packages sell out. So it is very high demand so you want to increase the chances of seizing Tomorrowland tickets that include Full Madness Pass as well as any kind of camping, you should pre-register Tomorrowland.nu. Via Tomorrowland.nu we will update you via SMS or e-mail so that you get priority for the ticket slip.

What does Tomorrowland cost?

What does Tomorrowland cost?

One question we often get is: What does Tomorrowland cost?? The question is of a very broad nature and depends entirely on what type of ticket and accommodation you desire. Besides the actual ticket to the festival, a lot of other things will of course be added. To mention a few things we have food, drinks, camping equipment and travel. All of these factors obviously affect your budget somewhat enormously. If you also want to go to another country then it will be even more traveling and thus even more overhead than if you had gone to a local event.

Of course, the word expensive is extremely relative. Partly depending on what it is for product or service but then of course depending on how much you earn. Tomorrowland's price is, according to many, very expensive. But with this festival you have to put the price in relativity to what a fantastic experience you will get. At present, you cannot find a more awesome festival on this earth than just Tomorrowland in Belgium. The scene decoration is absolutely fantastic and the campsite is a grand experience. Even the shopping area itself is decorated and built according to the storytelling theme.

What normally starts a package?

Tomorrowland's tickets normally start at around SEK 4200 if you are looking for a festival ticket and a camping site, which is the most common thing that visitors to Tomorrowland buy. If you want to luxury it with a fenced area for your group or have a ready set up when you get there then you have to count on a few thousand more. Interested in VIP ticket? Even a VIP upgrade to Tomorrowland can lose a few thousand extra.

Normally, a travel package from us goes off at between 7000 - 9500kr depending on which type you are interested in. In our travel packages you will get a lot of benefits, besides the trip round trip right next to the festival and entrance ticket.

If you go by bus, we will always stay in Germany to shop before we reach the festival. Here you can buy light drinks and alcoholic drinks at a considerably lower price than at home in Sweden that you probably know. We also usually stay here on the way home if you want to replenish your store at home. So you can save thousands of crowns only if you had traded the corresponding amount at home. Whether you are traveling by bus or plane, we try to collect our travelers.

On the bus it is of course more free and here you meet like-minded and probably friends for life who are passionate about the same music and festivals as yourself. The bus also has the advantage of avoiding transfers and long waiting times between the exchanges - here it is just to jump on and sit back and we will take you right up to the entrance to the event.

What package should you choose?

So what for packages should you choose as visitors? Well, it's very hard to say. Everything depends on your requirements and it is something you have to consider yourself. We at Coretours provide travel packages for Tomorrowland 2019 which contain either Magnificent Green or Easy tent. We have chosen these packages because they are the two according to our experience that our travelers appreciate most and are within a reasonable festival budget for common people. Don't forget to read about which one Maturity that applies to Tomorrowland and that pre-register to ticket release Then you get the ride.

What is the cost of living?

When you ask the question vat Tomorrowland costs Then one should also take into account all living expenses that are added as food and drink. At the campsite it is possible to get away slightly cheaper since LIDL and other shops are there but well inside Tomorrowland's area it is festival prices that apply which means that a beer of 200ml can cost about 30-35 SEK and a dish between 70 - 150 SEK.

In addition, there are thousands of other fun activities at the campsite that cost money as well as lots of merchandise (flags, caps etc) that one would like to embellish themselves with during their stay.

About prices

So, to answer the original question: What does Tomorrowland cost?? Then you get an overview below with which about prices apply.

Including Full Madness Pass or Full Madness Pass Comfort

  • Full Madness Pass 3200kr
  • Full Madness Pass Comfort 5400kr
  • Magnificent Green 4200kr
  • Easy Tent 5600kr (Our favorite)
  • Friendship Garden 4400kr
  • Relax Room 8800kr
  • Relax Room Comfort 10300kr
  • DreamLodge 9800kr
  • DreamLodge Comfort 11300kr
  • Kokona 10200kr
  • Kokona Comfort 11700kr
  • Cabana 10700kr
  • Cabana Comfort 13000kr
  • Mansion 440,000 (?)