What are Rave Clothes?

Ravekläder is a Swedish-run company that has chosen to offer stylish high-quality rave clothes.
Does that sound like nichat? That's it, but the company is created by people like you and me, travelers of Coretours and party prizes in other words.
Although Rave clothes have not been on the market for so long, most DJs (MVTATE, Eternityz, Freddz, Radera, D-Charged etc) have already signed up and many customers have received packages that have given them big smiles on their lips.

We at Coretours have also chosen to enter into partnership with Ravekläder and we are very pleased with the quality of everything from clothes to print, that it is also created by a frequent travel leader just made the matter better.

Are not rave clothes just that big pants and pacifiers in neon?

Maybe ... For some? But not for us. For us, it's not about who has the most neon or who has the most colorless, unmatched pairs of knee socks. For us, it's about getting your dedication just as you want.
Many of us do not want to show it in the form as it is described above. We want a relatively normal pattern, a bunch of flamingos, or just a small clean text that tells people "Here I am, I love Hardcore, fuck you!" But also want to have it at work.

Frenchcore - Maroon

I bought merch once, the pressure was full after a wash and it hung like a sack of potatoes

We've all been there. You buy that nice merch shirt for type 600 kronor, it is still nice and is it so expensive it must have good quality, right?
Then you wash it once, maybe two, and suddenly it is cracks in the print and the shirt looks like it was bought at flea market 10 years ago.

With rave clothes, it is different. Just because we know about the despair of buying those expensive clothes, we also know that we do not want to expose our customers to the same frustration that we ourselves have gone through year after year.
Therefore, we have chosen to let print clothes that have received good reviews all over the internet, with a printing company that put millions on equipment and who can deliver according to the level we wanted.
In addition, we have the clothes ourselves and know that they are like a bitch and can withstand washing!



Can't get a name for a shirt? How else should I remember my name?

Absolutely! Selected garments have this particular opportunity (Look for "Custom" in the name), do you want to order a party to your cool gang or to you, the mum, the cardboard and the brother? Contact us directly via facebook or maximilian@raveklader.se and we will arrange it! <3

Swedish Weekend Warrior Premium

Okay, I'm sold, where do I buy?

We know, we are equally sold we, and we have also made it easy to find what you are looking for on our site.
Inside https://raveklader.se you will therefore find the clothes categorized by genre, artist, gender etc. Our intelligent AI can also automatically find more garments that can fit together with those you have already chosen!
Because you have taken the time to look in here on this link, you also get a 5% discount code, which allows you to shop that extra garment without emptying your wallet!
Used Coretours19 to use this unique offer.

Fanny pack - Coretours

Give me, give me, give me, I've bought, it's been 10 seconds, where are my stuff!

Hold on! Now you have ordered, an order is sent to our partner who then prints your garment on order.
When this is done, it goes through hard quality scales to ensure that it keeps our good measurements. After that, it is sent home to you as soon as it goes!

Warmly welcome, Maximilian, I wish



This article is written by one of our official partners. Rave clothing is not owned by Coretours in any way. 

How to recover from a music festival?

How to recover from a music festival?

Imagine a week of constant standing on your legs, dancing in the early hours, a lot of drinking, quick meals, bedtime late (or early), depending on how you see it. Now the festival is over, and still there are only brands, blue-yellow feet, a few extra pounds on the body, a scorching neck, hardly any voice, pale, tired skin and the thought that you should never drink again. A music festival can take a hard time on one. Really hard.

It is not difficult to understand why.

Besides what we just mentioned, you are now back from a carefree world, you have dumped your bags on the floor and at the same time you feel that reality is creeping back. Most likely, you have been out camping for the past few days, drunk you drunk, danced and unleashed with your friends, happily unaware of the outside world. Glitter has been replaced with dust, facial color with face wash, queue from the beer halls, to sit in traffic chaos. Far away is the possibility of lying scattered on a grass field, staring at the stars. Instead, the focus is on setting the alarm to get up in time for the job. It's tough, but we've all been there. To make it less tough, we have put together this little mini-guide on how to restore yourself to a music festival.

Out and running with you (Cardio)

Yes it is true! Jump with you. Not only does it feel great to sweat it all unhealthy you stopped in you, let's say summerburst, but it actually helps you recover from all the alcohol you have consumed and can get you on your legs when you don't feel anything but bakis . When, after a weekend of drinking, you decide to hang on a spinning pass or go out to run, not only does your body burn calories, it also burns and sweats alcohol that is still in the body. So, if you start smelling vodka in the middle of your workout, just do your best and focus on getting through the moment.

Take a hearty shower

Numero uno - your smelly type. Expect a rather intense shower, especially if you are just home after a rave. You are surely covered by things you can't even identify with layers of dirt from intense days from an electronic music festival. Get ready to scrub off what you thought was a tan, and scrape off layers of glitter that apparently seemed permanent. It will be worth it, because as soon as you step out of the shower you will suddenly feel like a new person. At the same time you get the power and confidence that a reset is actually possible.

Appreciate your private toilet

Most likely, stomach and intestinal health may not be the most optimal after a music festival. You have put in alcohol and miscellaneous junk food and it is time for you to take advantage of your private surroundings in peace and quiet. For now, all of a sudden, the "bajjamajan" has been replaced by a full bathroom with a full toar roll, and no one who knocks on the door is disturbing you. Enjoy the moment!

Creep into a ball

The feeling of "freshly shuffled" is falling. You may begin to feel a painful pain that starts from the head and seeps through your limbs all the way to your fingertips and toes. Get to bed, or couch, crawl into a small ball, and rest your body and those tired legs.

Finally, restore the body

Drink plenty of water, eat something that is at least reminiscent of nutritious, and skip the coffee. At this team you should have restored yourself enough, with a straight back and fresh face, take the first steps and enjoy a work week in the "not so carefree" world.

Defqon1 Power Hour flag

The world's largest Defqon.1 flag

At Coretours, we want to, together with your travelers, create a common flag that shows Sweden's dedication to Q-dance and the harder dance styles. Without Q-dance, the scene had been considerably narrower and perhaps hardly existed. Together with you, we were to print the largest Defqon.1 flag ever and go to the RED mainstage squad and show our love and honor for HDM and Q-dance.

What does the layout look like?

Everyone may of course be present at RED mainstage at Defqon.1 and stand under or next to the flag. But in order for it to be possible to produce, it is necessary for everyone to chip in with a money. You are welcome to swish what amount you want. In order to encourage donations, everyone like swishes will be $ 200 and up to get their name or a shorter message (20 characters) that you specify when you swish at the edge of the flag. Then you know exactly where to stand then when we fold out the flag.

How will the design look?

Together we help year in our Facebook group Swedes to Defqon.1 to come up with a design with text that fits well. Together we help to make suggestions in the comment field for the post. We then try to arrange a vote so that it becomes democratic.

Coretours helped Swedes to Tomorrowland to produce one tribute flag to Avicii. Coretours will provide the Defqon.1 flag with design and production so the flag will be of well-designed and of high quality. We will hire our designer from the Netherlands who has developed the Avicii flag design.

Swedish Avicii flag at Tomorrowland 2018How big will the flag be?

Depending on how large donations come in, we have different ladders.

5 x 8m - 9600kr
10 x 16m - 20 100kr
12.5 x 20m - 26 640kr
15 x 24m - 35 000 kr

Where do I swish?

Coretours SWISH is 123 105 23 80.
All donations are welcome but those who swish 200 SEK or more get their name or message engraved (up to 20 characters). Of course you get to donate several times and have several messages / names on the flag. To make it easier for us to administratively donate in batches of SEK 200 :)

What happens to any surplus?

Any excess is donated My Great Day. The organization works to create activities for children who have serious illnesses and diagnoses :)

Defqon1 chile big flag

What to Pack for an Electronic Music Festival

What to pack for an Electronic Music Festival

Being a festival lover and having a good experience does not have to be difficult with a good pack list. For spectacular festivals like Tomorrowland, Defqon.1, Qlimax, Intents Festival and all other festivals with camping, it is important to be well prepared.

A weekend festival usually lasts between 2 - 4 days. This requires that you are well prepared for otherwise your experience can be very half-finished. With the help of our pack list you will be well prepared for what things you should pack with you.

Here's how we answer the simple question, What do you need to pack to prepare for a festival?

Too much text to read? The tour leader Jacob has collected a checklist at the end of the article;)

1. Choose a good suitcase

In order to be able to pack a large part of your stuff at all, a good suitcase is required. You do not want to stand there with 5-6 pieces of ICA bags that are both cumbersome and easily broken. Although the campsite is fresh and nice abroad, such bags will not be particularly durable.

The suitcase should be spacious and have wheels so you can easily transport it to and from the camping area. A good suitcase has different compartments so you can sort everything from hygiene items to clothes in a smooth way. Even though the festival visitors abroad have high morals, it may be good to have lockable compartments or use padlocks to lock in your valuable furniture.

At the festivals in the Netherlands there are usually so-called lockers (lockable boxes) that you can rent for around 10 - 20 € for your stay.

2. Good shoes

To go to one Electronic Music Festival means that you will stand a lot. Therefore, it is very important that you bring good shoes with you. If you have the opportunity, it may be good to bring two pairs if it would be rainy one of the days so you don't have to wet shoes the other days.

What is a good festival shoe? We recommend the unofficial rave shoe, Nike Air Max 90. These shoes are the obvious choice for a real shaver. You will notice that greater delev of the visitors abroad have some kind of this shoe. The Nike Air Max is comfortable and has air cushions that make everything jumping and dancing a delight.

Nike Air Max 90 - The perfect shoe to go on rave

Which shoes should you definitely not bring with you? Every year we see beginners coming in so-called plate boxes without air cushions such as Converse. These shoes are perfect if you want to ruin your spine and get extra tired of legs and feet. Don't make the mistake and bring a shoe like these!

Converse - A shoe you should not use on a rave

3. Packing

With the fact that you are going to a camping area, it is an advantage to have a large suitcase with low weight. Try to pack things that are not bulky or overweight.

4. Wet wipes & household rolls

Wet wipes and kitchen towels are cannons to bring with them. You will be spoiling both drinks and food during your stay. The fact that they do not become a shit in the tent is basically inevitable especially if it rains.

Wet wipes are perfect to wear and use when you need to wash your hands or face. The kitchen paper will also be used if it gets dirty in the tent.

5. Hygiene articles

The showers and toilets in the camping areas in the Netherlands and Belgium are usually super fresh. However, there is often no shampoo or soap offered. Make sure to pack down items that you also use at home.

To help your brainstorming, go to the toilet and peek through your entire cabinet after what you otherwise use everyday and bring it to the festival.

Tampons and napkins are something that can be good if you are a woman to bring along if the days would occur during the festival.

6. Guard against the weather

Packing with rainwear and umbrella is a must for a festival. For some strange reason, it is because it always has to rain when it is a festival.

7. Travel document

When traveling in the EU so required Pass or National IDRegardless of whether or not checks are very frequent, this is regulated by law and no exceptions are made to this.

Make sure your identification documents are valid for departure. Be out in good time and make an appointment if you need to renew something then police often have long waiting times.

We recommend National ID short when it is more convenient than passport and fits in the wallet.

8. Varying clothes

Make sure to pack a varied selection. Although many of the festivals with camping take place during the summer, it can be both cold and warm.

So pack both clothing that is comfortable and comfortable when warm and clothing that warms if it is cool.

Hood sweaters with zippers are pretty good as you can open them if it is hot and close them if they should become chilly.

9. Have enough money

A festival experience can be both cheap and expensive. Everything depends on how you want to treat yourself during a festival.

Since a festival is expensive and arranging, it is no novelty that the prices are higher than a discount store.

No matter how much you spend, it is important that you have a good amount of money with. We recommend that you take out euros if the card terminals are to trip. Unlike Sweden, cash is still very common abroad.

If you want an even better insight into the costs of a festival with camping then you can read our second article How much does a festival visit at Defqon.1 cost.

10. Food

Both during the bus trip and your stay, it can be good to pack with simple calorie food. Our official recommendation is bread with Nutella. The bread does not weigh much and Nutellan contains a lot of carbohydrates. If not so useful then it is simple and good even when you are baking or not particularly hungry.

Of course, you can buy food inside the festival area but keep in mind that the prizes are relatively high as it is the festival and the portions small.

11. Health insurance card

The health insurance card is important if you were to become ill abroad. All logistics and care becomes much smoother and easier if you have this with you. You can order it free of charge at Insurance Agency.

Health insurance card - Important for illness abroad

12. Patches

Smaller accidents can occur when dancing or necking with someone. Patches are therefore good to take with you in different sizes so you don't have to blush yourself and your peers.

13. Shy lashes

Sometimes the sun peeks forward and then it can be nice with some roaring sunglasses. Therefore, pack down your favorite glacier or buy inside the festival area.

Sunglasses - Important if the sun is coming during the festival

14. Condoms

We all love Coretours babies and new potential customers but everyone does not want a baby as a dessert after a festival stay. Therefore, be sure to pack condoms in your suitcase before leaving Sweden.

15. Mirror mirror

On the demand of Coretour's ladies we have thrown away the makeup mirror in our list. If you want to be able to make your makeup in the tent, a makeup mirror with a palette is a must.

16. Silvertape

Our dear silver tape is a cannon to carry. You never know when it will be useful when something needs to be repaired or tightened. Silver tape is easily found on Biltema or in your dad's hobby corner.

17. For a good sleep

At Coretours we often provide tents that you can rent for our trips. We offer among others 1-man tents, 2-mannatält, 4-mannatält and 12 mannatält. We also offer that these are pre-assembled just before you arrive at the campsite. Sometimes we collaborate a little extra with the organizer of the festival and provide their facilities as well.

But besides tents, a little bit of other things are needed in order to be refreshed and have a good experience. Therefore you must not forget to bring with you air mattress, pillow and blanket, blanket or plaid. Should you forget about the pump for the air mattress, it is often possible to borrow at the festival, either by the organizer or by another traveler.

18. Water tank

When you are up and running for a long time you must not forget the water! Be smart and prepare so you have water close to hand in the tent by including a water tank. A 3L is good enough and can be refilled at the nearest shower or toilet.

19. For you who sniff

As you probably know, only Sweden, Norway and some places in Denmark are allowed to supply snus in the EU. So your favorite nose would run out so there is nowhere to fill. Plan your trip by purchasing some boxes or a log in advance. From your own experience, more snus and cigarettes are always used when you are in party fashion.

20. Brass chair

Of course, part of the festival experience is to be able to sit outside and talk to the police and friends at the camping. Do not forget to buy with any kind of brass chair. Make sure to buy a cheap one as you probably won't be able to go home with it after the festival.

21. Lypsyl

When you are running and attaching a lot or necking for that part, it is easy to get a little dry on your lips. Any form of lip syl can therefore be comfortable to carry.

22. Suitcase

Believe it or not but on a rave, a stomach bag is almost a status symbol. It symbolizes a genuine shaver who wants to be able to dance 24/7 without anything being wrong. Being able to have your mobile, money, lighters etc in a stomach bag makes your party much more comfortable. Stylish branded stomach bags are available in the Merchandise stand at each festival.

23. Medicine

If you are taking any medicine, it is important that you take the recipe with you or a copy of the recipe. The packaging should be unbroken otherwise you may have problems in the visitation. We recommend that you talk to

Jacobs checklist

- Backup battery
- USB cable
- Towel
- Plastic bag
- Mirror mirror
- Health insurance card
- Mobile charger
- Wet wipes
- Pillow
- Felt
- Sharpness
- Callings
- Socks
- T-shirt
- Training pants
- Wax
- Professional spray
- Camera
- Plastic bags for laundry
- Euro
- Extra Nike airmax 90
- Protein / Gainomax
- Tickets
- Guest list
- Hearing protection
- Toothpaste
- Alvedon / Ipren
- Vitamin D
- Sun protection factor
- Bluetooth speaker (AUX)
- Medicine
- Condoms
- Resorb

What is Tomorrowland?

What is Tomorrowland?

A music festival which attracts about 2 million people from around the globe to try and make it to the Tomorrowland. The only music festival which sells about 180,000 tickets in the blink of an eye. It is the only music festival which takes an entire airport terminal just to accommodate its attendees. It is the festival which brings together approximately 180,000 people from all around the world. That is Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland is the world’s biggest music dance festival, bringing together A-list lineup of DJs from across the dance music spectrum. This gives everyone the option of enjoying whichever music form they are into. Whether they are into EDM, house, techno, or hardstyle. A wide range of the world’s best DJs, fantastic stage designs, production, and incredible surprises are few of the features due to which the tickets of Tomorrowland sell out within minutes.

Fast facts about Tomorrowland

  • What is Tomorrowland: The largest EDM festival in the world. Started in 2005.
  • When is it: Every summer. Two different weeks in July.
  • Where is it: Boom! Located between Brussels and Antwerp.
  • Participation: When the festival started in 2005, the number of visitors was 9,000. Since then, the number of visitors has increased every year, and now 180,000 people participate.

This year, The book of wisdom themed Tomorrowland will be stretched over two weekends to celebrate its 15th anniversary in Belgium. The three-day festival will make you DJs of different genres within electronic music. When we talk about visiting Tomorrowland, we are not only talking about state-of-the-art DJs but also the world-class decorations one can imagine. Ever since it came into being in 2005, it has become the most loved music festival on the globe, and there is no doubt why! Tomorrowland is truly something which can not be described but can only be experienced.

With Tomorrowland being the most significant music festival of the world and its tickets being sold in record-breaking time, one traveling partner is just not enough to accommodate all of its fans. There are several traveling partners of Tomorrowland to make it convenient for the music fans to get there in a hassle-free manner and on time of course. The official traveling partner of Tomorrowland is Coretours.

Coretours is one of Tomorrowland's official travel partners who provide entrance tickets and camping to the fans.

The available packages are

Coretours is the official travelling partner of Tomorrowland. They have an ability to make the whole experience out of the world for you. All you have to do is book your ticket with them, get on the bus, have an enjoyable ride, pre-party with the Coretours family before the party starts. Once you are done partying, you can get back on the bus with your memories and they will drive you back to your chosen pickup point.

In front of Tomorrowland 2019, Coretours also offers air travel, which means that you can also book and take part of their travel package by air. Their travel package by plane includes Full Madness passport. The packages you can choose from are Easy tent, Magnificant Green, and Friendship Garden.

The benefits of traveling with Coretours

  • TICKET OF aDMISSION: Ticket of admission and camping ticket to Magnificant green or Easy tent.
  • Bus / air travel and return journey: This is picking you up and dropping you back at your chosen pickup point. You can choose and confirm the pickup point amongst the given options. That is you are likely to hang out with the like-minded people throughout the trip.
  • 230 volt outlet: All the buses are equipped with 230V power which enables you to charge your phone, laptop, flashlight or absolutely anything else.
  • Love and friendship: The whole traveling experience with Coretours is super-friendly. The whole community in general and the Coretours family, in particular, is super-friendly.
  • Borrowing tents: There are two types of tents available with Coretours. For those who do not book Easy tent the package then there is another option which means that you borrow tents from Coretours. These tents can be picked up when you reach Tomorrowland and can be returned when you leave the festival after it is over, to borrow the tents is free.
  • Transportation to and from the airport: Flying with Coretours includes transferring to and from the airport in Brussel.

Information about flights to and from Tomorrowland

Once you have booked your flight with Coretours, your bus trip can be coordinated with the flight that has been booked. The receipt that you get after order confirmation is the traveling document. The receipt can be downloaded from the Coretours.se.

How does the flight go?

A bus will be arranged for the travelers to pick them up from the airport and drive them to the Tomorrowland. Exactly the same procedure will be applied on the return journey from Tomorrowland to the airport. A tour leader is also provided by the CoreTours to make sure no inconvenience is caused to all the travelers. Hence, it is always advised to stay close to the travel guide. One thing everyone needs to be careful of that due to many holding times, it will not be possible for the group to wait for anybody who is running late. So, punctuality will be highly appreciated.

How do we get to Tomorrowland from the airport?

When you arrive at the airport in Belgium, a bus will be available to transport you from the airport directly to Tomorrowland. The return journey takes place the opposite - a bus will be ready outside Tomorrowland's gates to take you directly to the airport. A travel guide from Coretours will be available to ensure that no inconvenience affects travelers. Therefore, we recommend that travelers always stay close to the tour guide if something unpredictable should occur and we need to reach out to you with new information. One important thing to remember is that it is incredibly important to fit the set times. It will not be possible for the whole group to wait for someone to come late. Hence, punctuality is important and appreciated.

How to get to Tomorrowland?

How you will get into Tomorrowland will depend on what you booked.

  • Magnificent Green: Once you have reached, then you can check-in, After check-in, you can take instructions from the staff and can look up for your tent at the DreamVille Campsite.
  • Easy Tent: You check in at the specially designed Easy Tent Once you have reached, then you can check-in, After check-in, you can take instructions from the staff and can look up for your tent at the DreamVille Campsite.

When everyone is ready to party, the next question will appear: How do we get home?

Coretours has got you covered from the time you book a package with them till the time you get home!

After the music festival is over, there will be a meeting point where everyone will gather. The meeting point and the time will already be communicated to the group members. The meeting point will be sent out as a coordinate during the festival.

Once again, everyone will be requested to be on time as it is convenient for everyone. After everyone gathers at the meeting point, they are taken to the bus and then to the airport.

Why choose Coretours?

Being one of the official travel partners of Tomorrowland, Coretours ensures convenient and hassle-free traveling of everyone who books travel packages with them. Different aspects of traveling ranging from very minute areas, which are often neglected by different other companies, to major ones are covered. They make sure to make the whole trip memorable for everyone by providing the best quality services. Starting from comfortable traveling which includes comfy buses with various features to suitable flights. The buses dedicated to Tomorrowland travelers are highly comfortable and have added features such as the power supply which keeps everyone covered with enabling them to keep all their electronic devices charged.

Furthermore, they provide you with super-friendly staff. From the customer care service to the guides who accompany you to the Coretours family which travels with you on buses. They are all dedicated to making your trip not only comfortable but also memorable.

Coretours have made the customer satisfaction their priority which is why every information which is needed or could possibly be required by the travelers is provided on their official website along with their contact details. The contact details are provided to encourage the ones who already have or who wish to book flights with them to contact them for any query they may have.

Coretours offer various travel packages according to the needs or requirements of individuals. Different travel packages come with different features and offers which are adopted keeping in mind they services people will be looking for in travel packages. The packages make them stand out amongst the rest.

To sum it up, despite attending one of the most awaited music festivals of the year, if you are not traveling with the right ones, you are probably going to risk your entire experience. Trust me, nobody enjoys bad transportation! It just ruins the whole experience. To make sure, you are not one of them and have a wonderful trip overall, you have Coretours to keep you covered.

Dominator Festival 2019

Dominator Festival 2019 - Rally of Retribution trailer

Art of Dance and Q-dance has now released its trailer for Dominator Festival 2019 - Rally of Retribution. You can look at the trailer below.

The song that plays in the trailer is Angerfist - Full Gentle Racket (Angerfist Refix).

Coretours is the official partner and provides entrance ticket and travel to the Dominator Festival.

What are tokens?

What are tokens?

Many ask themselves the question ”What are tokens?”When someone van shaver mentions it. tokens is a form of plastic coin currency used at festivals abroad. Most popular is the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

In recent years, Swedish events such as Hard Beach and Owl Festival used this form of currency.

What are the benefits of tokens?

The coin has several advantages. Below we list some of them.

  • Faster queues at bars and food as the visitors do not have to struggle with cards or coins that prolong the purchase process itself.
  • It is easy to bring with you instead of the wallet.
  • It reduces theft and loss of cash among staff.

How do I buy tokens at a festival?

Each festival has either a service booth where cashiers sit and sell tokens or a fully automated machine. You can choose to pay by card or cash at most festivals abroad. At home, it is usually only with cards that you can buy tokens.

There is usually a minimum limit of 4 tokens. The minimum limit exists because otherwise it would have been a fucking run between each drink if you just bought a token.

Can I redeem the token after the festival?

If you do not buy up your tokens before the festival's end then these are exhausted. The plastic coin is thus not to be used at other festivals or the next edition of the festival you visit.

What does a token cost?

The prices of course change every year. Of course, depending on which festival it is and what the exchange rate is, it affects how expensive each coin will be for you. Normally you can expect that the 1 token corresponds to 28 - 35 SEK.

A beer usually costs a token while a groug usually costs four tokens. Food starts at 1.5 token and continues up to 10 tokens if you, for example, choose to eat at Defqon.1's own restaurant in the camping area;)

So it is a festival so it is festival prices that apply. Which means that it costs significantly more than if you had visited your local store. In our article about how much Defqon.1 costs We go through a reasonable budget that you should have.

What can the coins be used for?

The coin can usually be used for the following at a festival:

  • merchandise
  • Drink
  • Food
  • CD's

How do I use them?

It is not harder than that you notify staff in the bar or food stall about what you want to order. Then you exceed the number of tokens that the price amounts to. Then you get the drink or food delivered to you quickly and easily.

Festival Tokens Defqon1

Last info for the Masters of Hardcore 2019

Last info for Masters of Hardcore Vault of Violence 2019

On Saturday it slips for all hardcore heads and it's time for Masters of Hardcore Vault or Violence 2019!

Thought to write down some information here before the trip and write down some things you can think of / bring with you!

The bus will be at this place in Gothenburg before departure: https://goo.gl/maps/kfpkCme3AsT2

See all pickup locations >>>

If it is that the site is blocked due to rebuilding, the new site will be printed on Facebook and sent as SMS ⚠⚠⚠

departure times

Gothenburg 01:00
UngsKungsbacka 01:30
StadHalmstad 2:45
ElsHelsingborg 04:00
AlmMalmö 05:00
PenCopenhagen 05:30
GeCook at 6am

We will write in the event (Masters Of Hardcore 2019 | Coretours) if these times change.

The tour leader during the bus trip will be Benjamin Laurin. If you have any questions regarding the bus trip, please write to us at Coretours or his private.

On the return journey, the bus leaves at 8:00 (1h after the event is over)

The bus will be locked during the entire event so you cannot access anything if you forget it.
You will receive the tickets when we approach the Netherlands.

Masters Of Hardcore will be held on the same night as you change the summer time and this means that when the clock is about 2:00 it will be until 3:00 instead. This can be very difficult to keep track of but the app "Woov" we recommend to download to see who is playing in the current time.

packing List

✅ Passport / International ID card

The most important thing is that you bring with you any of the following if you want to come to Holland or want to come back to Sweden. We will go through customs both there and on the way home so always check an extra time if the passport is included!


In order to guarantee power in the mobile phone, bring a grenade box so that you can get power to your place.

✅ Toothbrush, toothpaste & deo

Hygiene is always important when you have to go far away from home and do not care about the hygiene then! We will stay on sandwiches where you can get hold of water and mirrors so there are no excuses not to wash and brush your teeth! 😉 We always recommend Deo so that you smell really good and fresh. Remember not to spray a lot of perfume inside the bus when allergy can occur! 😘

A Stylish Rave clothing

Since the Masters of hardcore is from 22:00 to 08:00, it is important to dress nicely and comfortably. It usually gets hot in there so keep in mind not to build lots of layers 😉 However, it can be good to bring a jacket from the bus. We will be ahead a little earlier than when the Master opens the doors and it is not the hottest out there right now.

✅ Extra food

We will make food stops on the nerve path and the home path. If you usually get a little hungry on the road + if you are drinking it is always good to bring some food or a snack from home!
BS NOTE !!!! Total nut ban on the bus! ⚠

✅ Speakers

We travel guides will bring us speakers. But do you feel that you have the world's sound system so do not hesitate to bring it or write to us here at Coretours!

✅ Drink

We will make a stop in Germany to buy alcohol but if you want to join in and party from the start, it is important to bring your own drink or become friends with many buses! 😉

✅ A really good mood!

The most important thing is to bring a good mood and respect everyone on the bus. We go to Masters of hardcore for the same reason everyone so remember to live in the present and live life!

See you on the bus! 🙌🏻🚌🚌🚌
/ Benjamin, Travel guide Coretours


How much does Defqon1 cost

How much does Defqon.1 cost?

A festival visit can, as we all know, become very expensive. Once you are inside party mode then it is easy to spend the money to the right. With so-called tokens used as currency at most festivals in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, it is easy to consume even more.

What does the entrance ticket cost?

First of all we can start with the cost of the entrance tickets. Without an entrance ticket you will of course not enter the festival. For Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019, the price picture looks as follows.

  • Weekend ticket 1800SEK (1300DKK)
  • Saturday ticket 980SEK (700DKK)
  • Sunday ticket 830SEK (600DKK)

Date of currency calculation: March 15, 2019.

What does the drinks cost?

We Swedes are already accustomed to high alcohol prices so the prices of Defqon.1 are no major shock. It's festival prices that apply so it's nothing new there either. Of course it is not as cheap at a festival as at Systembolaget or in another shop. The cost of running such a big festival for a few days is quite huge towards a store.

  • Beer 250ml - 30kr
  • Grogg - 120kr
  • Soft drinks - $ 30
  • Water - 0 to 45 SEK
  • Wine - 75kr

What does the food cost?

Food prices vary just as the drinks are huge. The cheapest you can buy is French with mayonnaise while the most expensive is the Defqon.1 restaurant where it can be 4-digit. The food costs between SEK 45 and SEK 140, depending on whether you are satisfied with French or Thai food / kebab.

What does merchandise cost?

There are very nice merchandise to buy at Defqon.1 and this spring shop. Merchandise usually starts at around 249kr and up when it comes to clothing. At Defqon.1 there are besides shirts also caps, jewelry and a lot of other merchandise.

The merchandise usually sells out very quickly via the website and at the festival. Then there is something special garment you like so make sure to seize it fast.

What is the least you will spend?

You can spend anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand. The undersigned has managed about 500 SEK on Defqon.1 a few years ago. However, it should be added that then you live extremely hard. The year I spent about SEK 500 I had with me food and drink (nutella ftw) and that I did not drink anything from the bars. Of course, it is possible to live on the subsistence minimum even on Defqon.1, but it is not an elevator.

Okay, but if I want to live a little?

After all, you go to Defqon.1 as a party / holiday trip. It can be very nice to treat yourself a bit when you are traveling and not to play bank in the head all the time. Nowadays I spend enough 1500 - 3000 SEK for a weekend. In that it is included that I do not bring any food nowadays and buy very much drinking from the bars. I have therefore not included any alcohol or other drink into the campsite.

3000kr? Suffice it. What is the record someone spent? I want to beat it.

During my years as a shrubber (2010 - today) I know two real kings. Arshdeep who spent NOK 11,000 on Flugel alone and Fredrik who spent SEK 12 - 13,000 on Defqon.1 2014.

Interview with Arshdeep

Arshdeep interview Defqon1

What have you spent the most on a festival?

Decibel 2014 I spent NOK 11,000 on flugel.

How come you chose to spend NOK 11,000 on Flugel?

Was young oh stupid but good fuck what good times it was.

Interview with Oliver

How much did you spend on Defqon.1?

Spent SEK 1300 on tokens last year, should have spent a little more when I drank too little (alcohol-free and liquid overall), but did not feel that I was stalking that budget. Used to count 50-70 € per day in just food and drink and has worked well so far 🙂

Merch can be worth budgeting at least € 100 for.

Interview with Michael

How much did you spend on your latest Defqon.1?

Tested from SEK 2500 to SEK 4000 (merch to everything included). This year there will probably be 5000 SEK with down. Very nice not to have to go to count how much you can spend.

But would probably say that 3500 is a good budget if you can keep a little eye on the jacks and still live well down there 🙂

Flights to Tomorrowland

Information about the flight to Tomorrowland 2019

First of all, we at Coretours are extremely happy that you have chosen to book flights Tomorrowland with us at Coretours 😊

What happens when I book and receive order confirmation from you?

Now that all our travel packages are sold out, we will sit down and coordinate our flights together with the bus trips we offer. The receipt attached as PDF in the order confirmation is your travel document with us. If you do not find any mail in your inbox or junk mail, you can always download your order receipt on Coretours.se with the exception of if you traded against invoice via iZettle with us. If you have paid via iZettle then the invoice you received from us is your receipt and order certificate, this receipt cannot be downloaded from Coretours.se.

When does the fly go?

Our flights to Tomorrowland are based on Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm Skavsta or a combination of both.


Week 1

SK 589
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
July 18

Week 2

SK 589
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
July 25

Journey home

Week 1

SK 590
July 22nd

Week 2

SK 590
July 29

How long does the flight take?

About 2 -3h.

How does the flight go?

All travelers are advised to arrive no later than 2h before the flight departure time to the airport.

We then go through the security team and then on to the boarding of the flight to Tomorrowland.

When we landed, the tour guides gather all together at the street after leaving the plane.

We then go to the overall troop to the trunk.

How do we get from the airport to Tomorrowland?

A bus arrives and picks you up close to the airport and then drives you to Tomorrowland. The same goes for the return journey.

It is your responsibility to stay close to the tour leader throughout the trip. The tour leader leads the way to the bus. We have many holding times we have to fit so we cannot wait for someone who gets late because there is a fun candy machine at the airport or that you are covering the airport 😉

How time does the home journey begin and where should I go?

We take the bus back to the airport at 6am on Monday morning. It is your own responsibility to be on time in the place specified below. The bus can't wait :)

Lifting by bus home journey Tomorrowland 2019

Place of departure Tomorrowland 2019

How much luggage can I bring?

1 x 23kg checked baggage.
1 x 8kg hand luggage.

How do we get to Tomorrowland?

Once we arrive at the entrance to Tomorrowland, it is check-in valid.

Magnificent Green

For those who booked Magnificent Green Then it is just a check-in then you follow the instructions from the staff yourself where you can look up your tent at the DreamVille campsite.

Easy Tent

For those who booked Easy Tent then it is one or two check-ins (depending on where Tomorrowland lets us in and the bus) first one to regular DreamVille campsite then / or we walk to the Easy Tent check-in.

The tour guides have Easy Tent packages so you have booked Easy Tent so it is recommended that you follow them.

When do I get Tomorrowland Treasure Chesten?

As our planning is when this is written you will receive your Treasure Chest at the airport from the tour leader. We will not send them home in advance.

How do I get my air tickets?

The flight tickets are not sent out by mail or home to you. At Arlanda and Brussels, you, together with the tour leader, check in at the airport's ticket machines just like you do otherwise. The tour leader provides a booking reference that you get when you meet.

Where do we meet at the airport?

Outside Skycity 05:30 :)

Collection at Arlanda Tomorrowland

More questions?

Always read ours FAQ first. If you cannot find your answer please contact us via messenger or by mail 😃