Coretours GANG camp

Coretours GANG camp

Do you want to reserve a space for you and your friends at Coretours camp, which is located in one of the best places on the campsite? Then reserve an area at Coretours camping in connection with your booking.

What does Coretours GANG camp mean?

Coretours reserves and encloses an area that only you and your friends can pitch their tent on at Coretours camp. You can then design this fenced area how you want your camping equipment such as tents, party tents, chairs etc. You get 4 square meters per person booking (minimum 4 people).

Coretours Gang Camp

How do I book an area?

You need to be at least 4 travelers to book the Coretours GANG camp. When booking Defqon.1 or any other weekend trip for you and your friends, this is optional.

Can I book a tent via you and get it set up there?

Yes, you have booked one family tents then it will be pre-assembled and ready when you arrive at your reserved area. Have you booked one picnic table so it will also be deployed here in connection with your arrival.

What does Coretours GANG camp cost?

Kostnaden för Coretours GANG camp är 395kr per person. Minimum antal för att boka är en grupp på 4 personer.

What is included?

  • Reserverad och extra stor yta för ert partygäng
  • Slipp trängseln bland alla andra tält
  • Bo tält-i-tält med dina vänner
  • Secure
  • Sign (send your design or name in A4 format)
  • Best place at Coretours camp

Top your gang camp with tents from Coretours

Coretours always strives to offer as many different options as possible to make your festival trip just as you wish. The tents are selected in conjunction with the order. Of course, you can also bring your own tent if you wish.

Coretours GANG camp

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