Hur mycket kostar Defqon1

How much does Defqon.1 cost?

A festival visit can, as we all know, become very expensive. Once you are inside party mode then it is easy to spend the money to the right. With so-called tokens used as currency at most festivals in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, it is easy to consume even more.

Vad kostar entrébiljetten?

Först av allt får vi börja med kostnaden av entrébiljetterna. Utan en entrébiljett så kommer du givetvis ej in på festivalen. För Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2020 så ser prisbilden ut enligt följande.

  • Weekendbiljett 1900 SEK (1350 DKK / 176 EUR)
  • Lördagsbiljett 980 SEK (700 DKK / 92 EUR)
  • Söndagsbiljett 840 SEK (600 DKK / 79,5 EUR)
  • Premium Weekend 3250 SEK (2300 DKK / 306 EUR)

Datum för valutaberäkning: 27 februari 2020.


Vad kostar paketpriset med Coretours?


Väljer du att resa med Coretours gör du det smidigt för dig. Vi är officiell partner med Q-dance, vilket betyder att vi är utvalda av dem att vara det resebolag som kör till deras event från Skandinavien. På så vis får vi biljetterna direkt från dem och du vet att de anser oss som resebolag pålitliga. I dessa resepaket ingår bland annat resa med buss tillsammans med hundratals andra festsugna resenärer (2019 var vi 556 resenärer!), entrébiljett till alla festivaldagarna samt reserverad camping på Coretours Camp. 2020 ligger priset på från 3995 SEK. Du kan läsa mer om resan på bokningssidan.

What does the drinks cost?

We Swedes are already accustomed to high alcohol prices so the prices of Defqon.1 are no major shock. It's festival prices that apply so it's nothing new there either. Of course it is not as cheap at a festival as at Systembolaget or in another shop. The cost of running such a big festival for a few days is quite huge towards a store.

  • Beer 250ml - 30kr
  • Grogg - 120kr
  • Soft drinks - $ 30
  • Water - 0 to 45 SEK
  • Wine - 75kr

What does the food cost?

Food prices vary just as the drinks are huge. The cheapest you can buy is French with mayonnaise while the most expensive is the Defqon.1 restaurant where it can be 4-digit. The food costs between SEK 45 and SEK 140, depending on whether you are satisfied with French or Thai food / kebab.

What does merchandise cost?

There are very nice merchandise to buy at Defqon.1 and this spring shop. Merchandise usually starts at around 249kr and up when it comes to clothing. At Defqon.1 there are besides shirts also caps, jewelry and a lot of other merchandise.

The merchandise usually sells out very quickly via the website and at the festival. Then there is something special garment you like so make sure to seize it fast.

What is the least you will spend?

You can spend anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand. The undersigned has managed about 500 SEK on Defqon.1 a few years ago. However, it should be added that then you live extremely hard. The year I spent about SEK 500 I had with me food and drink (nutella ftw) and that I did not drink anything from the bars. Of course, it is possible to live on the subsistence minimum even on Defqon.1, but it is not an elevator.

Okay, but if I want to live a little?

After all, you go to Defqon.1 as a party / holiday trip. It can be very nice to treat yourself a bit when you are traveling and not to play bank in the head all the time. Nowadays I spend enough 1500 - 3000 SEK for a weekend. In that it is included that I do not bring any food nowadays and buy very much drinking from the bars. I have therefore not included any alcohol or other drink into the campsite.

3000kr? Suffice it. What is the record someone spent? I want to beat it.

During my years as a shrubber (2010 - today) I know two real kings. Arshdeep who spent NOK 11,000 on Flugel alone and Fredrik who spent SEK 12 - 13,000 on Defqon.1 2014.

Interview with Arshdeep

Arshdeep intervju Defqon1

What have you spent the most on a festival?

Decibel 2014 I spent NOK 11,000 on flugel.

How come you chose to spend NOK 11,000 on Flugel?

Was young oh stupid but good fuck what good times it was.

Interview with Oliver

How much did you spend on Defqon.1?

Spent SEK 1300 on tokens last year, should have spent a little more when I drank too little (alcohol-free and liquid overall), but did not feel that I was stalking that budget. Used to count 50-70 € per day in just food and drink and has worked well so far ?

Merch kan vara värt att budgetera minst 100€ för.

Interview with Michael

How much did you spend on your latest Defqon.1?

Tested from SEK 2500 to SEK 4000 (merch to everything included). This year there will probably be 5000 SEK with down. Very nice not to have to go to count how much you can spend.

But would probably say that 3500 is a good budget if you can keep a little eye on the jacks and still live well down there ?

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