Premium Ticket Defqon1 Weekend Festival

What does Premium ticket at Defqon.1 mean?

Defqon.1 has previously offered editions only Friday, Saturday and weekend tickets to the festival. But in 2018, Q-dance introduced a new ticket type called Premium.

One Premium ticket gives some extra nice benefits. For those who want luxury for your stay at Defqon.1 we can strongly recommend upgrading your ticket. It is possible to buy Premium for all three variants, ie Friday, Saturday or the whole weekend.

What is included in the upgrade?

  • Premium tires @ RED, BLACK and BLUE scene
  • Premium toilets
  • Premium bar
  • Excellent views below POWER HOUR, The Endshow and The Closing Ceremony
  • Free locker (lockable cabinet)
  • Quick entrance to the festival area
  • Premium bracelet

Why should I get Premium?

Premium tires are a specially built raised deck with the best view of the RED, BLACK or BLUE scene. The deck houses 1 - 3 bars depending on which scene you are. Here the queues are much shorter than the standard bars on the dance floor, which means that you can focus on dancing and partying 😎

The deck is also nice for anyone who wants to fall back from the congestion. Here is plenty of space and roof over your head so it rains so you can stand and enjoy without rain poncho.

Then you must of course not forget the Premium toilets. For another (signed writer) who have problems with their stomachs, it is incredibly nice to have toilets close. The toilets are within a reach of 50m and are clean and fresh and without queues.

A locker is convenient to have during your festival stay. Here you can lock in and store your things safely and securely. For those of you who want to bring a camera camera, for example, but do not carry it around 24/7, a locker is handy.

We must also not forget that you get a fancy Premium bracelet as well. This bracelet is an artifact that you can then save to your collection at home;)

Last but not least, we all know how fun it is and queue. Swede loves to queue right? Well, we do it enough at home so when we want to treat ourselves to the holiday, we can't get away with it? Just like Premium, you get access to the Premium Bars with hardly any queues so the same applies to the entrance to the festival. Here is a so-called Fast Lane which is only for Premium visitors.

Is it easy to get hold of Premium?

Defqon.1 regular tickets sell out every year. Premium tickets sells out even faster as they only exist in a very limited edition. We as a travel partner may also only buy in a very limited number. Therefore, it is first come, first-served every year when the travel packages are released.

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