Flyg till Tomorrowland

Information about the flight to Tomorrowland 2019

First of all, we at Coretours are extremely happy that you have chosen to book flights Tomorrowland with us at Coretours ?

What happens when I book and receive order confirmation from you?

Now that all our travel packages are sold out, we will sit down and coordinate our flights together with the bus trips we offer. The receipt attached as PDF in the order confirmation is your travel document with us. If you do not find any mail in your inbox or junk mail, you can always download your order receipt on with the exception of if you traded against invoice via iZettle with us. If you have paid via iZettle then the invoice you received from us is your receipt and order certificate, this receipt cannot be downloaded from

When does the fly go?

Our flights to Tomorrowland are based on Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm Skavsta or a combination of both.


Week 1

SK 589
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
July 18

Week 2

SK 589
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
July 25

Journey home

Week 1

SK 590
July 22nd

Week 2

SK 590
July 29

How long does the flight take?

About 2 -3h.

How does the flight go?

All travelers are advised to arrive no later than 2h before the flight departure time to the airport.

We then go through the security team and then on to the boarding of the flight to Tomorrowland.

When we landed, the tour guides gather all together at the street after leaving the plane.

We then go to the overall troop to the trunk.

How do we get from the airport to Tomorrowland?

A bus arrives and picks you up close to the airport and then drives you to Tomorrowland. The same goes for the return journey.

It is your responsibility to stay close to the tour leader throughout the trip. The tour leader leads the way to the bus. We have many holding times we have to fit so we cannot wait for someone who gets late because there is a fun candy machine at the airport or that you are covering the airport ?

How time does the home journey begin and where should I go?

We take the bus back to the airport at 6am on Monday morning. It is your own responsibility to be on time in the place specified below. The bus can't wait :)

Upphamtning med buss hemresan Tomorrowland 2019

Plats for hemresa Tomorrowland 2019

How much luggage can I bring?

1 x 23kg checked baggage.
1 x 8kg hand luggage.

How do we get to Tomorrowland?

Once we arrive at the entrance to Tomorrowland, it is check-in valid.

Magnificent Green

For those who booked Magnificent Green Then it is just a check-in then you follow the instructions from the staff yourself where you can look up your tent at the DreamVille campsite.

Easy Tent

For those who booked Easy Tent then it is one or two check-ins (depending on where Tomorrowland lets us in and the bus) first one to regular DreamVille campsite then / or we walk to the Easy Tent check-in.

The tour guides have Easy Tent packages so you have booked Easy Tent so it is recommended that you follow them.

When do I get Tomorrowland Treasure Chesten?

As our planning is when this is written you will receive your Treasure Chest at the airport from the tour leader. We will not send them home in advance.

How do I get my air tickets?

The flight tickets are not sent out by mail or home to you. At Arlanda and Brussels, you, together with the tour leader, check in at the airport's ticket machines just like you do otherwise. The tour leader provides a booking reference that you get when you meet.

Where do we meet at the airport?

Outside Skycity 05:30 :)

Uppsamling på Arlanda Tomorrowland

More questions?

Always read ours FAQ first. If you cannot find your answer please contact us via messenger or by mail ?

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