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Every year, it is always a mystery when Qlimax tickets are to be released. However, there are some patterns from previous years that allow you to make certain assumptions. Below is the information about everything related to the tickets.

When are they released?

Depending on if you choose to buy a package of hotels, with travel or only admission ticket directly from Q-dance the release varies. Coretours, an official partner with Q-dance, has arranged trips since 2010 to the event. Our travel packages have been released over the years from the latter part of August to the later part of September.

Travel partners like us have a unique collaboration with Q-dance that makes our ticket slip different. If you want to get priority for the ticket slip then you must pre-register. You do this on the event page below trips in the menu.

What types of tickets are there?

There are two types of tickets, regular and premium tickets. Previously it was called the VIP Premium Ticket but since 2018 Q-dance has chosen to rebrand its name. If you want what differs between regular and premium tickets then you should read ours article about it.

How much do Qlimax tickets cost?

A regular regular ticket usually costs about 1000 SEK while a premium ticket is sold for about 1700 SEK. When you book a travel package with Coretours you can always choose between regular or premium tickets to Qlimax. However, keep in mind that premium tickets often sell out quickly as they are in very limited edition.

How do I get the ticket?

You get a PDF ticket either from us on the bus when the journey has started or you download it digitally via a link generated. Q-dance has slightly different models depending on what event it is.

Tickets are then scanned at the entrance to the event via a unique bar code.

Is it easy to get tickets with you?

As mentioned, we always send out an SMS and / or mail to those who have pre-registered. Everyone who has pre-registered and hangs up on the website at the time we sent out has always received tickets. Unfortunately, many people forget the date and time and thus miss the chance to book the bus they want to ride with us.

Sales via Q-dance's own channels also usually sell the sale incredibly fast.


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    • anna
      anna says:

      The tour to Qlimax with travel including entrance ticket with Coretours was 2995 SEK in 2019.


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