Biljettsläpp Dominator Festival 2019

Ticket release of Dominator Festival 2019 tickets

Ticket release of Dominator Festival 2019 will be on April 6, 13:00. Art of Dance released January 7 news on his Facebook that the tickets will be released then.

The edition of Dominator Festival 2019 will take place on April 20, 2019. The place will be exactly the same as before, E3 Beach in the Netherlands. Since its inception more than 10 years ago, the Dominator Festival has developed and become one of Q-dance and Art of Dance's largest one-day festival.

The tickets and travel packages for the Dominator Festival have been sold out every year for some years. In other words, you should be on your guard and pre-register with us. When you pre-register, we will send out a message as soon as we have any new information.

What theme will it be?

Art of Dance and Q-dance has not released any information yet about what the theme of the year will be. But you can be sure that the scene decoration will be permeated through the entire theme. The Dominator Festival is known for delivering a huge mainstage.

What does the lineup look like?

Unfortunately, no information has been published on this year's lineup. But if you look at the earlier years you will not have to worry. Here are mainly the biggest hardcore, frenchcore, terrorcore, millenium hardcore and rawstyle artists represented.

What is included in your journey?

Ticket release of the Dominator Festival on April 6 will include a magical journey with Coretours and an entrance ticket. On our travels we also usually stop at Bordersshop so you can buy some drinks and endorse good. We are also known for having a fantastic atmosphere on our travels, go with it so you understand why. Read more on spring booking page by Dominator Festival 2019.

Where do I pre-register?


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