Crash course inför Tomorrowland med Ravepodden

Crash course ahead of Tomorrowland with the Rave pod

Ravepodden has uploaded a new site where they give a crash course to Tomorrowland. For those of you who have never been to Tomorrowland or simply want to know more about tickets, accommodation, traveling there, this section is perfect for you.

Ravepodden is a podcast that focuses on EDM festivals and talks to everyone there. Previous sections have interviewed artists MYST, The Slendy Show, Photographer MNO, arrangören Mix ‘n Dance med flera.

Where can I listen to the Rave pod?

Ravepodden is on SoundCloud and Spotify. It is exactly the same section represented on both channels.

Where can I read more information about Tomorrowland?

We have several articles where you can Read more about Tomorrowland under news in the menu bar. There is information about everything from different choices of ticket types to accommodation types. If you want to get information first of all pre-register then Then we send out SMS or mail when we have something important to announce as ticket release etc.

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