Defqon.1 has been sold out! Booth Weekend and Regular. But, a few tickets got back to us for the Regular tour and are now available again.
Timetable for Defqon buses is available on the Defqon pages and a newsletter has been sent out to the one in charge of the order.

Dominator, the hardcore festival is also sold out in just a couple of days! Didn't get a ticket? You might have a chance to get your hands on a ticket on the second hand market on facebook.
Name change | Coretours @ Facebook 

Our next upcoming tour is the Fantasy island festival / Harmony of hardcore tour.
We have decided to combine these two events into one bus and simply drop the Fantasy travelers on our way to Harmony. And then pick'em up on the way back.
We still have a few tickets left and counting on selling out any day now.

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