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Easy Tent

Do you want to spend your nights at DreamVille at Tomorrowland but do not drag all the camping equipment and everything that it means? Then it is Easy Tent the package something that will fall you completely into the taste. With Easy Tent the package is all already prepared and ready for you when you and your companion arrive at Tomorrowland.

Du boka Easy Tent för 1 eller 2 personer. Om du bokar en så slumpas du ihop med en av våra trevliga resenärer som också åker själv :)

What are the benefits?

The benefits are many with an Easy Tent package. The tents are already set up on a special camping area that only you and your companion have access to. Of course you can visit regular Magnificent Green the campsite if it is so that you want to meet your friends or go and get to know new people from all over the world. The air mattress is waiting for you along with a goodie bag in the form of sleeping accessories. A mystic lantern is also included so that you can illuminate your dear sleeping nights during the nights and evenings.

On Easy Tent There are of course access to toilets and showers as well as other supplies such as drinks and food. You do not need to take any longer distance to use these facilities that are offered. The area is also very tidy and not as crowded as it can easily be at the Magnificent Green campsite where tens of thousands of people pitch their tents on Thursday.

The popularity of this type of travel package has increased over the years since we started driving and is definitely recommendable for those who want it comfortable for a night sleep and hang. The campsite is also closer to Tomorrowland's entrance, which means that the distance is considerably shorter than if you sleep on the Magnificent Green or Friendship Garden camp. We do as best we can to gather you and your friends (if you are more than 2) as close together as possible at this campsite together with Tomorrowland's officials and crew.

What is included?

  • Access to DreamVille - 5 days
  • Access to the Easy Tent campsite - 5 days
  • Full Madness Pass – Entré till Tomorrowland – 3 dagar
  • Entrance to The Gathering - Tomorrowlands party at the camping on Thursday
  • Access to DreamVille market - food stores, bakery, bar and more
  • Access to toilets and showers
  • A limited edition Tomorrowland tent
  • Double air mattress
  • Two sleeping bags
  • lockable
  • Goodie bag

You can read more about Tomorrowland rates and accommodations on our second page.

Tomorrowland's own site


Easy Tent Tomorrowland

5 replies
  1. Pontus
    Pontus says:

    Hey! Me and my friend want to buy the Easy Tent package. Including with the ticket I heard from the Coretours support that it Costs 9495 crowns per person, if its correct we’ll go for it and we’ll buy the package tomorrow and around 16:30 Swedish time.

    My question is where we pay for this and how does it work we pay it seperately somehow or do we have to send it in one whole go from One credit card? Then it Will be 18990 crowns. Get back to me as soon as possible please ????

    • Anna
      Anna says:

      Hejsan Pontus,

      Har svarat dig via meddelande också. Ska ni boka samma paket behöver ni betala tillsammans, antingen via Swish, kortbetalning eller Payson faktura. Den som bokar behöver även den andra personens uppgifter så som fullständigt namn, födelsedatum, telefonnummer och e-mailadress :)

      • Pontus
        Pontus says:

        Hej! Tack för svar, jag har en till fråga. när jag ska göra reservationen/bokningen för mig och min vän så står det att jag kan välja antal i kundkorg. Det finns väl då bara 2 antar jag? man kan välja 1 men Easy Tent package är ju för 2 så det är väl 2 det ska stå i rutfältet va när vi genomför bokningen?

        • anna
          anna says:

          Alla Easy Tent bokas två och två, så om du lägger till ett resepaket Easy Tent så kommer det upp så att du fyller i dina och din väns uppgifter :) 1 paket = för två personer.


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