Coretours Familjetält

Inflatable family tent

Do you want a really good accommodation but do not leave Coretours unbeatable camping?

In such cases, choose Coretours family tent. Our family tents accommodate up to 14 people! In addition to having room for the whole family, the tent is also high, which means that you don't even have to play beer-pong inside the tent;)

How waterproof is the tent?

Our family tent has a water resistance of 5000mm, which thus can handle a really horrible rain. In other words, your valuables and exchanges will still be completely dry if you live in this tent.

Coretours familjetält

How about the space?

As we mentioned earlier, this tent is perfect if you have the whole friendship with you. You can seat up to 12 - 14 people in this tent but be aware that depending on how much luggage you bring, this can affect the space, simple mathematics in other words;)

The dimensions of the tent are 730 × 315 × 210 / 165cm.

How long does it take to travel the tent?

The tent does not take much longer to travel than the time you are able to have sex. That is, about only 3 minutes if you and three friends help. The tent has four air ducts, each pumped up in less than a minute.

Is there a lot to drag?

You can make the mat yourself. If every policeman had taken his own tent or three four-tent tent or whatever you bring, then this tent will fit in only one bag. You can easily pick up the tent when we reach the festival's parking.

If you want to be even more comfortable then we can carry the tent and travel the tent so everything is ready when you arrive - it will not be easier. Select this option when booking.

Coretours FamiljetältWhat are the disadvantages of renting a family tent?

You are welcome to tell us this because we can honestly not come up with anything :) 2019 all our family tents were rented out during the Defqon.1 Weekend Festival so the demand speaks for itself.

How do I book this nice tent?

When you book any trip below menu bar travel Then there will be an option in the booking called family tent. Just select this and add the extra cost to your booking

Are there any minimum numbers for booking the tent?

Man behöver vara minst 6 personer för att boka tältet. Ibland gör vi undantag. Skicka ett mail till oss och hör efter :)

Lägg till Coretours Gang Camp

Endast för vår Defqon.1 resa

Uppgradera din bokning av förmonterat tält med Gang Camp. Med Gang Camp så får du och dina vänner ett reserverat inhägnat område med extra utrymme på Coretours camp.


Coretours familjetält

Coretours 12-mannatält


2 replies
  1. david.99gustafsson
    david.99gustafsson says:

    Är det möjlig att boka resa och biljett och lägga till familjetält tex i efterhand om vi säger att flera vänner bestämmer sig för att följa med?

    • jacob
      Jacob says:

      Hejsan David,

      Det går bra så länge alla våra sådana ej blivit uthyrda samt att sällskapet reser med Coretours


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