How to recover from a music festival?

How to recover from a music festival?

Imagine a week of constant standing on your legs, dancing in the early hours, a lot of drinking, quick meals, bedtime late (or early), depending on how you see it. Now the festival is over, and still there are only brands, blue-yellow feet, a few extra pounds on the body, a scorching neck, hardly any voice, pale, tired skin and the thought that you should never drink again. A music festival can take a hard time on one. Really hard.

It is not difficult to understand why.

Besides what we just mentioned, you are now back from a carefree world, you have dumped your bags on the floor and at the same time you feel that reality is creeping back. Most likely, you have been out camping for the past few days, drunk you drunk, danced and unleashed with your friends, happily unaware of the outside world. Glitter has been replaced with dust, facial color with face wash, queue from the beer halls, to sit in traffic chaos. Far away is the possibility of lying scattered on a grass field, staring at the stars. Instead, the focus is on setting the alarm to get up in time for the job. It's tough, but we've all been there. To make it less tough, we have put together this little mini-guide on how to restore yourself to a music festival.

Out and running with you (Cardio)

Yes it is true! Jump with you. Not only does it feel great to sweat it all unhealthy you stopped in you, let's say summerburst, but it actually helps you recover from all the alcohol you have consumed and can get you on your legs when you don't feel anything but bakis . When, after a weekend of drinking, you decide to hang on a spinning pass or go out to run, not only does your body burn calories, it also burns and sweats alcohol that is still in the body. So, if you start smelling vodka in the middle of your workout, just do your best and focus on getting through the moment.

Take a hearty shower

Numero uno - your smelly type. Expect a rather intense shower, especially if you are just home after a rave. You are surely covered by things you can't even identify with layers of dirt from intense days from an electronic music festival. Get ready to scrub off what you thought was a tan, and scrape off layers of glitter that apparently seemed permanent. It will be worth it, because as soon as you step out of the shower you will suddenly feel like a new person. At the same time you get the power and confidence that a reset is actually possible.

Appreciate your private toilet

Most likely, stomach and intestinal health may not be the most optimal after a music festival. You have put in alcohol and miscellaneous junk food and it is time for you to take advantage of your private surroundings in peace and quiet. For now, all of a sudden, the "bajjamajan" has been replaced by a full bathroom with a full toar roll, and no one who knocks on the door is disturbing you. Enjoy the moment!

Creep into a ball

The feeling of "freshly shuffled" is falling. You may begin to feel a painful pain that starts from the head and seeps through your limbs all the way to your fingertips and toes. Get to bed, or couch, crawl into a small ball, and rest your body and those tired legs.

Finally, restore the body

Drink plenty of water, eat something that is at least reminiscent of nutritious, and skip the coffee. At this team you should have restored yourself enough, with a straight back and fresh face, take the first steps and enjoy a work week in the "not so carefree" world.

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