Hur stor sannolikhet är det att få biljetter till Tomorrowland

How much is it likely to get tickets to Tomorrowland?

A very common question we often get is How likely it is to get tickets to Tomorrowland. We understand that many people are interested in getting tickets to one of the world's best festivals. Unfortunately, it is impossible to calculate a likelihood of the chance that you can buy tickets. Something we certainly know is, however, that the travel packages and tickets sell out record-fast.

We at Coretours offer Tomorrowland tickets and packages where transportation to and from the festival is included. Tomorrowland has its own ticket release.

What kind of ticket release is there?

Tomorrowland varierar sin process varje år. Tidigare har det tex varit: Ett för Global Journey, ett annat begränsat biljettsläpp och sedan det slutgiltliga släppet. Ett fjärdesläpp finns men det är endast för den Belgiska befolkningen. Vi på Coretours är officiell resepartner med Tomorrowland sedan 2016. Vi säljer våra egna resepaket på ett specifikt datum som Tomorrowland tilldelar oss.

Our release varies with the years but usually usually be in close connection with Tomorrowland's third release.

How can I know that I can book with you?

We can never guarantee who will buy a travel package with us but it is first come first served. If we look at statistics from previous years, everyone who has booked the same day we have released tickets. This can of course differ for 2019 as we can never in advance answer how much pressure we will have. However, something we know is that the pressure on the travel packages increases year by year. This means that we sell out more quickly for each of the years that go.

Beroende på vilken typ av biljettyp du är intresserad av så skiljer sig efterfrågan. Det vi har erbjudit tidigare år är Easy Tent, Magnificent Green and Friendship Garden men det kan variera år till år. Vi brukar kunna presentera vilka resepaket vi erbjuder för respektive år i december / januari.

How can I increase my opportunities?

We always recommend that you sign up for our Tomorrowland list Detta är dock ingen garanti för att du kommer att få biljetter men det höjer dina chanser. Du får då den senaste informationen från oss via mail eller SMS samt förtur till biljettsläppet.

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