Tomorrowland 2017

Tomorrowland 2018

Summer runs on and it is soon time for a new edition of Tomorrowland.


The festival bracelets together with the box are handed out on the bus during the journey. On the bracelet are two codes that you enter on Tomorrowland's website to register an account and fill in with pearls.

The bracelet is activated via this link >>>

Pickup Locations

Click on trips since Tomorrowland and you will see all our pick-up points and times for these. If you also click on the place you will be forwarded to a page where you see the exact address and a map image.

Was at the pickup point about 1h in advance. If you are traveling collectively, then remember that we live in Sweden where the train traffic is a little bit so sometimes so have the margin on your side.


Passports are mandatory for all our trips that take place in the EU outside Scandinavia. Driving licenses, bank ID cards and more have always been a valid travel document outside Scandinavia, but it is a walking trip. Just because you have never been controlled when driving around the EU before does not mean that it is allowed. We have had several checks abroad in Germany by the German police where nothing but passport or national ID card issued by the police accepted. The passport should be available near you throughout the trip so that we do not have to go into the luggage and look up the passport in case of a possible check.

When it is mandatory with a passport, you will be denied access to the bus and the trip if you cannot show the passport when boarding. No pass = no trip :(


Have you booked a tent through us? In such cases, you have the opportunity to pick up your tent when we parked the bus at Tomorrowland. Keep in mind that this is only a loan and that a damaged tent or not submitted will be charged an agift of 1000 SEK per tent. Anyone who cannot pay on the spot will be refused return home until the fee is paid. Keep in mind that it is also your responsibility over the tent even if it is a third party that destroys or damaged the tent.

Entrance to Tomorrowland

After we parked we go together as a group for the visitation and check-in to DreamVille. If you want to live with us at Friendship Garden then you need to follow the tour guides as we need to check in the entire group at the same time so that you can be assigned the bracelets required to reach this reserved area.


If the opening hours allow, we will stop and border trade in Germany. Here you will find drinks, sweets and other small and good at fantastic prices.

Some places we usually stay at are the following

The bus

The bus is parked at the P8 car park. It is possible to leave things in the bus but keep in mind that the bus is locked throughout the event until we return home.

Packing on the bus

In order to reduce congestion and keep the escape routes free, larger luggage must not be included in the bus. Exercise bag or backpack is optimal so try to pack so you have everything necessary so we do not have to go into the luggage and rot. Of course, quilt, pillow and food and drink are allowed to include.

Journey home

Every weekend we go home 03:00. The tour guides will coordinate at the campsite around 2am so you can have a party. It is very important that you are at our campsite at 02:00 if you want to join the bus. Tomorrowland's pick-up points may change during the stay, which means that the boarding point on the journey home may differ from where you were dropped off on your journey.

Swedes to Tomorrowland

There is an imaginatively helpful and active group on Facebook called Swedes to Tomorrowland where we try to collect all heroes who are interested in Tomorrowland. Here you can read several questions and answers and discuss with other like-minded people :)

Travel guide week 1

Benjamin och Jonas

Travel guide week 2

Antonio och Linnéa

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