När släpps Defqon1 biljetterna

When will Defqon.1 be released?

Defqon.1 tickets will be released on March 16th. We often get questions at our support about when a festival tickets are released. We want to emphasize that we always prints on our event page for each event when the tickets are released when we ourselves know it. So there is nothing we hold on to

As soon as Q-dance or other organizers announce a date, we publish it. Until then, we cannot give any specific answers about when it is released. What we can tell you, however, is how it has looked earlier years ?

What dates has it been before?

Previous ticket release of Defqon.1 tickets has been in February, March and April. In recent years it has been during these three months that the tickets were released by us and Q-dance.

This is of course no guarantee for this year or coming editions, but it gives a tip. Our recommendation is that you should have saved a few thousand kronor together and be prepared around these months.

How fast does Defqon.1 sell the tickets end?

Defqon.1 tickets sell out faster each year. Both with us and with Q-dance. In order for you not to miss the tickets or the travel packages, we recommend that you pre-register Defqon1.se.

By pre-registering you will receive SMS or email directly when we have new information such as ticket release, prices and more. Because you pre-registered you will also get priority on our ticket release, which increases your chances. You do not agree to purchase a trip when you pre-register.

I didn't book before it sold out, what do I do?

If the accident has occurred and all Defqon.1 tickets and travel packages have sold out, you can register in our mailing list. The queue list is available inside the event page and you only fill in your information there as usual.

Of course, this is also not binding

What does a travel package usually cost to Defqon.1?

In previous years, a standard travel package for Defqon.1 has been priced between 3495: - - 3995: - depending on the package and when booking. The earlier you book the better the price. You do books this page. ?

I have questions about Defqon.1, where do I turn?

Look in spring FAQ and on our info page about Defqon.1 among ours Tours. We also have one dedicated wiki where you can read everything about Defqon.1.

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