New payment method: Crypto currency

Coretours now also offers payment with crypto currency for all trips. You can now pay with, among other things, Bitcoin, Monero. Etherum to name a few.

What trips can I pay with crypto currency?

As mentioned above, you can pay for all trips or other products we offer with crypto currency.

Can I pay with several different options?

It is only possible to pay with a payment option at a time. You cannot pay half with cards and the rest with crypto currency. This applies to all payment options with us.

Why Crypto Currency?

We try to be at the forefront and develop ourselves so that we can offer what is demanded. We have regularly received notice and wishes to offer crypto currency as a payment option.

How do I pay with crypto currency?

Just as usual. Select the crypto currency as the payment option at the checkout and a new window will open. The address and the message to be sent are displayed there. Be sure to be careful when copying or writing the address. We do not replace any transactions that have gone to the wrong address. Use the QR code that is generated if you want to be sure that it is correct. You have 10 minutes to pay for the payment. Do not close the window after sending the money without waiting for the payment to be approved. It can take up to 10 minutes before it reaches us.

When do you activate the payment option?

From the moment you read this we have activated it as a payment method. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or on our facebook. Read more in spring FAQ.

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