Sista infon infor Reverze 2019

Last info before Reverze 2019

Are you tagged for Reverze as much as us?

Thought to bring some information here before the trip and write with some things you can think of / bring with you!

Boarding point in Gothenburg

The departure times will be

Gothenburg 22:00
Kungsbacka 22:30
Halmstad 23:45
Helsingborg 01:00
Malmö 02:00
Copenhagen 02:30
Köge 03:00

We will write in the event (Reverze 2019 | Core Tours) if these times change.

The tour leader during the bus trip will be Benjamin Laurin. Do you have any questions regarding the bus trip write to us at Coretours or he private.

On the return journey, the bus leaves at 08:00 (1h after the event is over)
The bus will be locked throughout the event so you cannot access anyone if you forget it.
The tickets you will receive when we begin to approach Antwerp.

Speakers will be connected to the bus when you go. But if you want to bring some speakers to listen to the different stops we make, please take a spare! ???

packing List

 Passport / International ID card

The most important thing is that you bring with you any of the following if you want to come to Holland or want to come back to Sweden. We will go through customs both there and on the way home so always check an extra time if the passport is included!


In order to guarantee power in the mobile phone, bring a power strip so that you can get power to your location.

 Toothbrush, toothpaste & deo

Hygiene is always important when you have to go far away from home and do not care about the hygiene then! We will stay on sandwiches where you can get hold of water and mirrors so there are no excuses not to wash and brush your teeth! ? We always recommend Deo so that you smell really good and fresh. Remember not to spray a lot of perfume inside the bus when allergy can occur! ?

 Stylish Rave clothes

Since Reverze is running from 21-07: 00, it is important to dress nicely and comfortably. It usually gets hot in there so keep in mind not to build pulp layers. ? However, it may be good to bring a jacket from the bus. We will be ahead a little earlier than when b2s opens the doors and it is not the hottest out there right now. ?

 Extra food

We will make food stops on the nerve path and the home path. If you usually get a little hungry on the road + if you are drinking it is always good to bring some food or a snack from home!
⚠️ NOTE total nut ban on the bus! ⚠️


We travel guides will bring us speakers. But do you feel that you have the host's sound system so do not hesitate to bring it or write to us here at Coretours!


We will make a stop in Germany to buy alcohol but if you want to join in and party from the start it is important to bring your own drink or become friends with many buses! ?

 A really good mood!

The most important thing is to bring a good mood and respect everyone on the bus. We go to Reverze for the same reason everyone so remember to live in the present and live life!

See you on the bus! ?????

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