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Should you buy a premium or regular ticket for Qlimax?

The eternal discussion that arises with the gang of friends. Should we buy a premium or regular ticket? Whether it is Qlimax, Defqon.1 or any other festival, it is the same problem. Someone thinks it is too expensive with premium and not worth it. Another thinks that their own entrance and own area are worth sacks of gold.

We will try to help you make the right decision together by clearly listing what is the difference between a premium ticket and a regular ticket.

What is included in a premium ticket for Qlimax

VIP Entrance

The VIP entrance has a shorter queue and allows you to enter the event faster. In connection with the VIP entrance there is an escalator to the VIP floor instead of stairs which is very comfortable and nice as it is a small walk up through the normal entrance.

2h previous entry to Qlimax Galaxy Lounge

Engage in the lounge with your friends and let go of the crowds as the event begins. Have a beer or why not go shopping and buy merchandise before the rest of all 28,000 visitors rush in?

VIP smoke booth

Available in close proximity to the VIP bar which means you don't have to go out of the arena to smoke.

VIP bar

In the VIP bar there is a much shorter queue than on the regular floor. Spend the night dancing and partying and not queuing.

VIP toilets (our favorite)

The best thing about the premium ticket is the decent whole and clean toilets available on the VIP floor. These toilets are often cleaned so they are whole and clean. Compared to the Chernobyl toilets that the other visitors are allowed to take, this is worth many thousands of patches to make the 2nd in peace and quiet.

VIP seating

Softer ich better seats are located just off the VIP floor.

Welcome drink and snacks

When you arrive you will receive a welcome drink and snacks. During the night, a good snack is offered at regular intervals in the VIP lounge.

VIP locker (Free)

Only if you have a premium ticket can you use lockers (storage boxes) that you can visit during the course of the event. If you have a regular ticket, you only have access to loccers when you arrive and when you go home. So you can't go and get things or put away things if you have a regular ticket.

Premium gift

A secret limited edition gadget from Q-dance.

Own words from the writer

Signed has been at Qlimax every year since 2010 and had both regular and premium ticket. So I was thinking of sharing my experiences and thoughts as a final guide for you. Note that these are subjective opinions even though I try to write impartially.

The maximum experience is of course found down on the usual dance floor that everyone has access to. The feeling and pressure found on the floor with tens of thousands of other travelers is unbeatable. Below are the most dedicated stars who are passionate about music. You can't get a better experience of the music, the light, the laser and the decoration like here.

When I've been partying and having the most fun on Qlimax, it's always been here or on Coretours stand where all Swedes gather. After all, this is the party itself, the roll and the pressure, so it's not that strange.

Having said that, in recent years it has become so that I take advantage of more and more of what the premium ticket has to offer. Being able to go into peace and quiet is nice now that you are older. Same with having access to fresh seating and more space. The congestion down on the main floor is both wonderful and difficult at the same time. It all depends on what mood you are in. Maybe with age now I prefer to have more space, seating, shorter bar queues and a place to fall back on when talking to friends in a quieter environment.

The premium toilets should also not be despised. Not having to queue for the toilets and having access to a fresh environment to make their living needs and fix them is not to be despised. You who have had VIP or premium ticket on Qlimax before understand what I'm talking about.

My last words are therefore the following; if you can't keep up all night, if you want a quieter place to fall back on, if you want less congestion and shorter queues as well as a place to sit take it a little calmer with your friends then premium ticket is worth it to the max: )

Thanks for the help. But where do I book?

You book yours travel packages to Qlimax here.

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