Tomorrowland åldersgräns

Tomorrowland age limit

Tomorrowland age limit is actually 17 years. So how can it be that the age limit is not 18 years as it is at most festivals around the world and there among other things Sweden? The reason is spelled alcohol. The view of alcohol varies widely in Europe. In Sweden, we have always looked strictly at alcohol and thus the age limit is set at 20 years to get to shop at Systembolaget while it is 18 years old at the pub.

Anledningen till att den är lägre på krogen är att lagstiftaren har ansett att det är en “säkrare” miljö då området är inhägnat samt att barpersonalen har skyldighet att övervaka den som blir serverad. Personalen har alltså ansvar att se till att du håller dig skäligt berusad (jag vet, luddigt va?) annars kan de förlora sitt serveringstillstånd.

Age limit in Belgium

So, back to Belgium again. As I mentioned earlier, the approach varies enormously in Europe. In Belgium you do not see as much alcohol and there is the age limit of 16 years to consume beer and wine. Stronger drinks like spirits require you to be 18 years old.

Why has Tomorrowland been 17 years old?

Tomorrowland has thus set the age limit 17 years (or as they market it, the same year you turn 18) probably because you should be able to go with their friends who are often the same age during this period of life. You can think for yourself how wonderful it would have been to get a moped driver's license or a driving license the same year you turn 18 - to see your friends in the class be able to drive a moped so you had to ride a bike or had to ask their parents or friends for a ride. if you were born in december we all remember how difficult it was.

Do I need to include ID?

Outside Sweden, it is very unusual for you to identify yourself. At most festivals, a check has already been made on entry. This means that it will not be necessary to make an ID check well inside the area. Of course we recommend that you bring your ID. There may be situations where you may need to prove your age.

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      Jacob says:

      Hejsan Max,

      Att man kan bekräfta/intyga sin ålder vilket man gör med körkort, ID-kort, nationellt-ID, pass etc :)


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