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What is the Full Madness Pass?

Full Madness Pass is what Tomorrowland calls its own entrance tickets. This is the entrance ticket for the festival and has nothing to do with DreamVille (Tomorrowlands camping).

Full Madness Pass innebär att man får tillgång till själva festivalen. Gentemot andra festivaler som du har besökt där man fått ett tygband som armband så får man hos Tomorrowland ett digital armband.

Armbandet används förutom till själva entrén till festivalen och eventuellt DreamVille till att man betalar för man och dryck med så kallade pearls. Du laddar ditt digitala armband vid olika stationer som finns utplacerade på festivalen och campingen. När du sedan beställer dryck i baren så får du upp ditt armband och blippar det mot en terminal därefter så blippar man igen för att godkänna summan och beställningen.

In which packages does Full Madness Pass include?

Entrance ticket is always included in our travel packages. Whichever package you choose from Easy Tent, Magnificent Green or Friendship Garden this is included. What distinguishes them just mention the travel packages above is what type of accommodation / camping form you want.

Can I buy only the entrance ticket of you?

According to Tomorrowland's strict travel partners rules, we must not sell Full Madness Pass seperat. Vi säljer alltså bara resepaket där entrébiljett, boende och transport ingår för.

Can I visit the campsite with a Full Madness Pass?

With only one Full Madness Pass you cannot visit DreamVille. In such cases, you must have purchased a travel package where any form of accommodation on DreamVille is included or have purchased it through the Tomorrowland website. However, there are different permissions on the DreamVille campsite. For example, you cannot visit the Easy Tent campsite at DreamVille with one Magnificent Green package. However, you can with one Easy Tent packages visit the Magnificent Green campsite as well as the Easy Tent campsite (doh!).

You can therefore say that the more exclusive packages you choose, the more access you get to the different camping areas.

Are there various forms of Full Madness Pass?

There is another form called Full Madness Pass Comfort. This entrance ticket can be equated with VIP tickets as it is called at other festivals.

Among other things, a Comfort Pass gives you access to better views through stands on selected scenes. All scenes at Tomorrowland do not have extra stands with most of them. It is usually way less people on the stand and that you have access to your own bar. The queues are considerably shorter here compared to the usual bars. With Comfort Pass you also get your own entrance to Tomorrowland. The advantage of this is that there is normally no queue to the usual entrance.

However, the price for a Comfort band is very much more expensive than a regular one. Around 2500kr extra costs such an upgrade for Tomorrowland.

How do I do if I want to buy a package?

Visit our dedicated Tomorrowland page and pre-register. We will then email or text you when we have more updates around when we will release our entrance tickets.


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  1. Viktoria
    Viktoria says:

    Good afternoon!
    I am interested in 3 personalized Tickets on Tomorrowland 2020 for the 2nd Weekend (24-26 July). Have you got any offers without bus and hotel?

    • jacob
      Jacob says:

      Hello Viktoria,

      We offer packages with travel. Contact our support on Facebook or my mail (found in FAQ page) if you have any questions :)


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