Vad är tokens?

What are tokens?

Many ask themselves the question ”What are tokens?”When someone van shaver mentions it. tokens is a form of plastic coin currency used at festivals abroad. Most popular is the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

In recent years, Swedish events such as Hard Beach and Owl Festival used this form of currency.

What are the benefits of tokens?

The coin has several advantages. Below we list some of them.

  • Faster queues at bars and food as the visitors do not have to struggle with cards or coins that prolong the purchase process itself.
  • It is easy to bring with you instead of the wallet.
  • It reduces theft and loss of cash among staff.

How do I buy tokens at a festival?

Each festival has either a service booth where cashiers sit and sell tokens or a fully automated machine. You can choose to pay by card or cash at most festivals abroad. At home, it is usually only with cards that you can buy tokens.

There is usually a minimum limit of 4 tokens. The minimum limit exists because otherwise it would have been a fucking run between each drink if you just bought a token.

Can I redeem the token after the festival?

If you do not buy up your tokens before the festival's end then these are exhausted. The plastic coin is thus not to be used at other festivals or the next edition of the festival you visit.

What does a token cost?

The prices of course change every year. Of course, depending on which festival it is and what the exchange rate is, it affects how expensive each coin will be for you. Normally you can expect that the 1 token corresponds to 28 - 35 SEK.

A beer usually costs a token while a groug usually costs four tokens. Food starts at 1.5 token and continues up to 10 tokens if you, for example, choose to eat at Defqon.1's own restaurant in the camping area;)

So it is a festival so it is festival prices that apply. Which means that it costs significantly more than if you had visited your local store. In our article about how much Defqon.1 costs We go through a reasonable budget that you should have.

What can the coins be used for?

The coin can usually be used for the following at a festival:

  • merchandise
  • Drink
  • Food
  • CD's

How do I use them?

It is not harder than that you notify staff in the bar or food stall about what you want to order. Then you exceed the number of tokens that the price amounts to. Then you get the drink or food delivered to you quickly and easily.

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