Vad du ska packa inför en Elektronisk Musik Festival

What to pack for an Electronic Music Festival

Being a festival lover and having a good experience does not have to be difficult with a good pack list. For spectacular festivals like Tomorrowland, Defqon.1, Qlimax, Intents Festival and all other festivals with camping, it is important to be well prepared.

A weekend festival usually lasts between 2 - 4 days. This requires that you are well prepared for otherwise your experience can be very half-finished. With the help of our pack list you will be well prepared for what things you should pack with you.

Here's how we answer the simple question, What do you need to pack to prepare for a festival?

Too much text to read? The tour leader Jacob has collected a checklist at the end of the article;)

1. Choose a good suitcase

In order to be able to pack a large part of your stuff at all, a good suitcase is required. You do not want to stand there with 5-6 pieces of ICA bags that are both cumbersome and easily broken. Although the campsite is fresh and nice abroad, such bags will not be particularly durable.

The suitcase should be spacious and have wheels so you can easily transport it to and from the camping area. A good suitcase has different compartments so you can sort everything from hygiene items to clothes in a smooth way. Even though the festival visitors abroad have high morals, it may be good to have lockable compartments or use padlocks to lock in your valuable furniture.

At the festivals in the Netherlands there are usually so-called lockers (lockable boxes) that you can rent for around 10 - 20 € for your stay.

2. Good shoes

To go to one Electronic Music Festival means that you will stand a lot. Therefore, it is very important that you bring good shoes with you. If you have the opportunity, it may be good to bring two pairs if it would be rainy one of the days so you don't have to wet shoes the other days.

What is a good festival shoe? We recommend the unofficial rave shoe, Nike Air Max 90. These shoes are the obvious choice for a real shaver. You will notice that greater delev of the visitors abroad have some kind of this shoe. The Nike Air Max is comfortable and has air cushions that make everything jumping and dancing a delight.

Nike Air Max 90 - Den perfekta skon för att gå på rave

Vilka skor ska du absolut inte ta med dig? Varje år ser vi nybörjare komma i så kallade platta skor utan luftkuddar som t ex Converse. Dessa skor är perfekta om du vill förstöra din ryggrad samt bli extra trött i ben och fötter. Gör ej misstaget och ta med dig en sko liknande dessa!

Converse - En sko du ej ska använda på ett rave

3. Packing

With the fact that you are going to a camping area, it is an advantage to have a large suitcase with low weight. Try to pack things that are not bulky or overweight.

4. Wet wipes & household rolls

Wet wipes and kitchen towels are cannons to bring with them. You will be spoiling both drinks and food during your stay. The fact that they do not become a shit in the tent is basically inevitable especially if it rains.

Wet wipes are perfect to wear and use when you need to wash your hands or face. The kitchen paper will also be used if it gets dirty in the tent.

5. Hygiene articles

The showers and toilets in the camping areas in the Netherlands and Belgium are usually super fresh. However, there is often no shampoo or soap offered. Make sure to pack down items that you also use at home.

To help your brainstorming, go to the toilet and peek through your entire cabinet after what you otherwise use everyday and bring it to the festival.

Tampons and napkins are something that can be good if you are a woman to bring along if the days would occur during the festival.

6. Guard against the weather

Packing with rainwear and umbrella is a must for a festival. For some strange reason, it is because it always has to rain when it is a festival.

7. Travel document

When traveling in the EU so required Pass or National IDRegardless of whether or not checks are very frequent, this is regulated by law and no exceptions are made to this.

Make sure your identification documents are valid for departure. Be out in good time and make an appointment if you need to renew something then police often have long waiting times.

We recommend National ID short when it is more convenient than passport and fits in the wallet.

8. Varying clothes

Make sure to pack a varied selection. Although many of the festivals with camping take place during the summer, it can be both cold and warm.

So pack both clothing that is comfortable and comfortable when warm and clothing that warms if it is cool.

Hood sweaters with zippers are pretty good as you can open them if it is hot and close them if they should become chilly.

9. Have enough money

A festival experience can be both cheap and expensive. Everything depends on how you want to treat yourself during a festival.

Då en festival är kostsam att arrangera så är det ingen nyhet att priserna är högre än en lågprisbutik.

No matter how much you spend, it is important that you have a good amount of money with. We recommend that you take out euros if the card terminals are to trip. Unlike Sweden, cash is still very common abroad.

If you want an even better insight into the costs of a festival with camping then you can read our second article How much does a festival visit at Defqon.1 cost.

10. Food

Both during the bus trip and your stay, it can be good to pack with simple calorie food. Our official recommendation is bread with Nutella. The bread does not weigh much and Nutellan contains a lot of carbohydrates. If not so useful then it is simple and good even when you are baking or not particularly hungry.

Of course, you can buy food inside the festival area but keep in mind that the prizes are relatively high as it is the festival and the portions small.

11. Health insurance card

The health insurance card is important if you were to become ill abroad. All logistics and care becomes much smoother and easier if you have this with you. You can order it free of charge at Insurance Agency.

Sjukförsäkringskort - Viktigt vid sjukdom utomlands

12. Patches

Smaller accidents can occur when dancing or necking with someone. Patches are therefore good to take with you in different sizes so you don't have to blush yourself and your peers.

13. Shy lashes

Sometimes the sun peeks forward and then it can be nice with some roaring sunglasses. Therefore, pack down your favorite glacier or buy inside the festival area.

Solglasögon - Viktigt ifall solen är framme under festivalen

14. Condoms

Vi alla älskar Coretoursbebisar och nya potentiella kunder men alla önskar ej en bebis som efterrätt efter en festivalvistelse. Se därför till att packa ner kondomer i din resväska innan du lämnar Sverige.

15. Mirror mirror

On the demand of Coretour's ladies we have thrown away the makeup mirror in our list. If you want to be able to make your makeup in the tent, a makeup mirror with a palette is a must.

16. Silvertape

Our dear silver tape is a cannon to carry. You never know when it will be useful when something needs to be repaired or tightened. Silver tape is easily found on Biltema or in your dad's hobby corner.

17. For a good sleep

At Coretours we often provide tents that you can rent for our trips. We offer among others 1-man tents, 2-mannatält, 4-mannatält and 12 mannatält. We also offer that these are pre-assembled just before you arrive at the campsite. Sometimes we collaborate a little extra with the organizer of the festival and provide their facilities as well.

But besides tents, a little bit of other things are needed in order to be refreshed and have a good experience. Therefore you must not forget to bring with you air mattress, pillow and blanket, blanket or plaid. Should you forget about the pump for the air mattress, it is often possible to borrow at the festival, either by the organizer or by another traveler.

18. Water tank

When you are up and running for a long time you must not forget the water! Be smart and prepare so you have water close to hand in the tent by including a water tank. A 3L is good enough and can be refilled at the nearest shower or toilet.

19. For you who sniff

As you probably know, only Sweden, Norway and some places in Denmark are allowed to supply snus in the EU. So your favorite nose would run out so there is nowhere to fill. Plan your trip by purchasing some boxes or a log in advance. From your own experience, more snus and cigarettes are always used when you are in party fashion.

20. Brass chair

Of course, part of the festival experience is to be able to sit outside and talk to the police and friends at the camping. Do not forget to buy with any kind of brass chair. Make sure to buy a cheap one as you probably won't be able to go home with it after the festival.

21. Lypsyl

When you are running and attaching a lot or necking for that part, it is easy to get a little dry on your lips. Any form of lip syl can therefore be comfortable to carry.

22. Suitcase

Believe it or not but on a rave, a stomach bag is almost a status symbol. It symbolizes a genuine shaver who wants to be able to dance 24/7 without anything being wrong. Being able to have your mobile, money, lighters etc in a stomach bag makes your party much more comfortable. Stylish branded stomach bags are available in the Merchandise stand at each festival.

23. Medicine

If you are taking any medicine, it is important that you take the recipe with you or a copy of the recipe. The packaging should be unbroken otherwise you may have problems in the visitation. We recommend that you talk to

24. Grenuttag

Grenuttag som kan användas i bussen så man kan ladda sina enheter samt på campingytan om där finns tröm på evenemanget.

grenuttagJacobs checklist

– Backupbatteri
– USB-kabel
- Towel
– Plastpåse
- Mirror mirror
- Health insurance card
- Mobile charger
- Wet wipes
- Pillow
- Felt
- Sharpness
– Underkläder
- Socks
- T-shirt
- Training pants
- Wax
- Professional spray
- Camera
- Plastic bags for laundry
- Euro
- Extra Nike airmax 90
– Proteinbar / Gainomax
- Tickets
- Hearing protection
- Toothpaste
- Alvedon / Ipren
- Vitamin D
- Sun protection factor
- Bluetooth speaker (AUX)
- Medicine
- Condoms
- Resorb

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