What does Tomorrowland cost?

What does Tomorrowland cost?

One question we often get is: What does Tomorrowland cost?? The question is of a very broad nature and depends entirely on what type of ticket and accommodation you desire. Besides the actual ticket to the festival, a lot of other things will of course be added. To mention a few things we have food, drinks, camping equipment and travel. All of these factors obviously affect your budget somewhat enormously. If you also want to go to another country then it will be even more traveling and thus even more overhead than if you had gone to a local event.

Of course, the word expensive is extremely relative. Partly depending on what it is for product or service but then of course depending on how much you earn. Tomorrowland's price is, according to many, very expensive. But with this festival you have to put the price in relativity to what a fantastic experience you will get. At present, you cannot find a more awesome festival on this earth than just Tomorrowland in Belgium. The scene decoration is absolutely fantastic and the campsite is a grand experience. Even the shopping area itself is decorated and built according to the storytelling theme.

What normally starts a package?

Tomorrowland's tickets normally start at around SEK 4200 if you are looking for a festival ticket and a camping site, which is the most common thing that visitors to Tomorrowland buy. If you want to luxury it with a fenced area for your group or have a ready set up when you get there then you have to count on a few thousand more. Interested in VIP ticket? Even a VIP upgrade to Tomorrowland can lose a few thousand extra.

Normally, a travel package from us goes off at between 7000 - 9500kr depending on which type you are interested in. In our travel packages you will get a lot of benefits, besides the trip round trip right next to the festival and entrance ticket.

If you go by bus, we will always stay in Germany to shop before we reach the festival. Here you can buy light drinks and alcoholic drinks at a considerably lower price than at home in Sweden that you probably know. We also usually stay here on the way home if you want to replenish your store at home. So you can save thousands of crowns only if you had traded the corresponding amount at home. Whether you are traveling by bus or plane, we try to collect our travelers.

On the bus it is of course more free and here you meet like-minded and probably friends for life who are passionate about the same music and festivals as yourself. The bus also has the advantage of avoiding transfers and long waiting times between the exchanges - here it is just to jump on and sit back and we will take you right up to the entrance to the event.

What package should you choose?

So what for packages should you choose as visitors? Well, it's very hard to say. Everything depends on your requirements and it is something you have to consider yourself. We at Coretours provide travel packages for Tomorrowland 2019 which contain either Magnificent Green or Easy tent. We have chosen these packages because they are the two according to our experience that our travelers appreciate most and are within a reasonable festival budget for common people. Don't forget to read about which one Maturity that applies to Tomorrowland and that pre-register to ticket release Then you get the ride.

What is the cost of living?

When you ask the question vat Tomorrowland costs Then one should also take into account all living expenses that are added as food and drink. At the campsite it is possible to get away slightly cheaper since LIDL and other shops are there but well inside Tomorrowland's area it is festival prices that apply which means that a beer of 200ml can cost about 30-35 SEK and a dish between 70 - 150 SEK.

In addition, there are thousands of other fun activities at the campsite that cost money as well as lots of merchandise (flags, caps etc) that one would like to embellish themselves with during their stay.

About prices

So, to answer the original question: What does Tomorrowland cost?? Then you get an overview below with which about prices apply.

Including Full Madness Pass or Full Madness Pass Comfort

  • Full Madness Pass 3200kr
  • Full Madness Pass Comfort 5400kr
  • Magnificent Green 4200kr
  • Easy Tent 5600kr (Our favorite)
  • Friendship Garden 4400kr
  • Relax Room 8800kr
  • Relax Room Comfort 10300kr
  • DreamLodge 9800kr
  • DreamLodge Comfort 11300kr
  • Kokona 10200kr
  • Kokona Comfort 11700kr
  • Cabana 10700kr
  • Cabana Comfort 13000kr
  • Mansion 440,000 (?)
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