What are Rave Clothes?

Ravekläder is a Swedish-run company that has chosen to offer stylish high-quality rave clothes.
Does that sound like nichat? That's it, but the company is created by people like you and me, travelers of Coretours and party prizes in other words.
Although Rave clothes have not been on the market for so long, most DJs (MVTATE, Eternityz, Freddz, Radera, D-Charged etc) have already signed up and many customers have received packages that have given them big smiles on their lips.

We at Coretours have also chosen to enter into partnership with Ravekläder and we are very pleased with the quality of everything from clothes to print, that it is also created by a frequent travel leader just made the matter better.

Are not rave clothes just that big pants and pacifiers in neon?

Maybe ... For some? But not for us. For us, it's not about who has the most neon or who has the most colorless, unmatched pairs of knee socks. For us, it's about getting your dedication just as you want.
Många av oss vill inte visa den i formen som den beskrivs ovanför. Vi vill ha ett relativt normalt mönster, ett gäng flamingos, eller bara en liten clean text som berättar för folk “Här är jag, jag älskar Hardcore, fuck you!” men vill också kunna ha den på jobbet.

Frenchcore - Maroon

I bought merch once, the pressure was full after a wash and it hung like a sack of potatoes

We've all been there. You buy that nice merch shirt for type 600 kronor, it is still nice and is it so expensive it must have good quality, right?
Then you wash it once, maybe two, and suddenly it is cracks in the print and the shirt looks like it was bought at flea market 10 years ago.

With rave clothes, it is different. Just because we know about the despair of buying those expensive clothes, we also know that we do not want to expose our customers to the same frustration that we ourselves have gone through year after year.
Therefore, we have chosen to let print clothes that have received good reviews all over the internet, with a printing company that put millions on equipment and who can deliver according to the level we wanted.
In addition, we have the clothes ourselves and know that they are like a bitch and can withstand washing!



Can't get a name for a shirt? How else should I remember my name?

Absolut! Utvalda plagg har just denna möjlighet (Kika efter “Custom” i namnet), vill du beställa ett parti till ditt coola gäng eller till dig, mammsen, pappsen och brorsan? Kontakta oss direkt via facebook eller [email protected] så ordnar vi det! <3

Swedish Weekend Warrior Premium

Okay, I'm sold, where do I buy?

We know, we are equally sold we, and we have also made it easy to find what you are looking for on our site.
Inside https://raveklader.se you will therefore find the clothes categorized by genre, artist, gender etc. Our intelligent AI can also automatically find more garments that can fit together with those you have already chosen!
Because you have taken the time to look in here on this link, you also get a 5% discount code, which allows you to shop that extra garment without emptying your wallet!
Used Coretours19 to use this unique offer.

Fanny pack - Coretours

Give me, give me, give me, I've bought, it's been 10 seconds, where are my stuff!

Hold on! Now you have ordered, an order is sent to our partner who then prints your garment on order.
When this is done, it goes through hard quality scales to ensure that it keeps our good measurements. After that, it is sent home to you as soon as it goes!

Warmly welcome, Maximilian, I wish



This article is written by one of our official partners. Rave clothing is not owned by Coretours in any way. 

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