Vart är Tomorrowland

Where is Tomorrowland?

Where is Tomorrowland? The actual origin originates from Boom which is located in Belgium. Nowadays, however, Tomorrowland is spread and is also organized in Brazil and in the United States under the name TomorrowWorld.

Boom is just a small town with just under 20,000 inhabitants. This can be compared to the number of visitors to Tomorrowland which draws about 360,000 each year during the two weekends festival. It is, to say the least, a huge figure in relation to how small a population lives in Boom.

However, it can be seen that much of Boom in Belgium loves what Tomorrowland brings with it. In every other window you can see Tomorrowland stickers and flags hanging in the windows and on the buildings. When you walk from the outskirts of Boom towards Tomorrowland, a number of the residents have slammed up market stalls where they sell everything from food and drink to fun toys and Tomorrowland branded products such as T-shirts, flags and more.

Criticism towards the festival

The festival clearly affects and at some point, a small group of population has made a notification with the municipal authority where they opposed it to be arranged two weekends. However, they have not been heard for this. This can easily be explained by the fact that the festival obviously entails a huge turnover for Boom in the form of increased sales of food, hotel rooms, private housing and other things that tourists spend money on. You can imagine yourself when you go abroad on a holiday or festival how easy it is to spend money when you have to treat yourself during the holidays.

However, the festival has begun to reach its maximum limit, which is evident from how crowded it can sometimes be in the event area. The festival area, however, is not expanding more where it is currently arranged so that as long as the organizers do not choose to change places, it will be reserved for approximately 180,000 visitors per weekend. Are you interested in tickets to Tomorrowland then you can read more here.


Bus is the most fun way to go to Tomorrowland. Why? Well because you meet a whole dream of like-minded people. The ancestor and the community on the bus are unbeatable which means that it is no problem to travel by yourself if you thought so. On the trips everyone is welcomed to the Coretours family. Together we have a nice time together where we feast, eat, laugh, sleep and a lot of other nice things.

For those who love to meet new people and to socialize, the bus is the obvious choice for you. But are you discouraged that it takes a few hours to go to Tomorrowland by bus? This is exactly where the bus is the advantage, because time will fly away when you meet like-minded people. You know for yourself how fast the time goes when you have fun?


Flyga är för dig som har minimalt med bagage och vill komma till festivalen snabbt. Tänk dock på att du fortfarande måste ta dig till flygplatsen, vara där i god tid och checka in samt att det ej är lika “fritt” som det är på en buss med att förfesta och att vandra runt och socialisera.

Our flight packages are available from Helsinki, Copenhagen, Landvetter and Stockholm.

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