• Qlimax 2019

    Visit the Hardstyle mother - Qlimax.

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  • Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2020

    Pre-register for Defqon.1 2020 😎

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    Defqon1 Weekend Festival 2019
  • Tomorrowland 2020

    Pre-register for Tomorrowland 2020!

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    Tomorrowland 2017 Mainstage
  • DEFQON.1 2018

    See all the fantastic pictures from our trip!

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  • Defqon.1 Festival

    Visit our wiki to read all about Defqon.1!

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Picture of the Qlimax scene

Everything you need to know about Qlimax tickets

Every year, it is always a mystery when Qlimax tickets are to be released. However, there are some patterns from previous years that allow you to make certain assumptions. Below is the information about everything related to the tickets. When…
Regular or VIP ticket

Should you buy regular or premium tickets for Qlimax?

Should you buy a premium or regular ticket for Qlimax? The eternal discussion that arises with the gang of friends. Should we buy a premium or regular ticket? Whether it is Qlimax, Defqon.1 or any other festival, it is the same problem.

Why you should order a baguette

Pre-order your baguette for the rest stop in Germany. Why should I buy a baguette? The problem lies in the fact that we will arrive at more than 500 rugged souls at the food stop in Dammer Berge. The reason we stay here is…

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About Coretours

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Coretours saw the light of day May 2010 when an interest check was made for a trip to Qlimax. The premiere of Coretour's first trip was with 20 happy travelers. The following years, the plant pains have been enormous and to Defqon.1 in 2018 we all beat previous records with a total of 430 travelers.

Coretour's vision and goals have always been to organize trips beyond the ordinary where the journey is part of the whole experience. We at Coretours organize trips for we love the harder music styles and love the community and atmosphere we create together with DIG and the other travelers. We do not want to be a monotonous company that only arranges a transport sport back and forth from point A to B. On our trips there is a fantastic community, joy, celebration and love that you will not find with other travel companies.

Try to go with us so you understand why our travelers choose our trips in front of other options alternativ


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