Think of...

- Enter your mobile number with your country code (+45 for Denmark, +46 for Sweden, +47 for Norway) otherwise we cannot send out important SMS to you. NOTE !!! If you change your mobile number, you must contact us as we often send out important messages and codes for registering your entrance ticket.

- We often send out newsletters before departure with important information. Check your mail periodically to not miss important updates.

- We offer the following payment methods

  • Invoice and partial payment via Payson
  • Online Payment
  • Crypto currency (Bitcoin, Monero etc.)

- If you book for more than yourself, you need to enter your friends

  • First name and last name
  • email
  • Mobile number (with country code)
  • Pick-Up Location
  • Date of birth (the first 6 digits of the personal code, eg 971012)
  • Sex

It is mandatory to read through ours FAQ before departure.