Angerfist mask

Anxious mask

No one has been able to escape this awesome cool Angerfist mask? I always think that you see someone on every rave who presents Angerfist by wearing it. The mask emphasizes a clear attitude and together with a black hoodie the outfit is complete.

Where to buy it?

So where can you buy this mask? Of course we would have gladly offered it in our webshop, however, it is trademark protected and may only be sold through Masters of Hardcores own distribution channels. This means scar you can only buy it from their own webshop or on a rave like Art of Dance arranges (organizers behind the Masters of Hardcore)

Masters of Hardcore shop contains a lot of other little things and gone besides the Angerfist mask. Here you will also find merchandise in the form of Angerfist flags, hoodies / hoodies, CDs and much more. All goods are shipped from the Netherlands as it is where the organizer and the events usually take place. Freight usually isn't that dangerous and it usually goes pretty fast. Perhaps this is because the Netherlands is one of the leading distribution channels in the world with its large port in Rotterdam, where a large part of all containers and air packages from Asia arrive.

How is the quality of the mask?

So how good is the quality of the mask? Isn't it as good to go to the nearest Party store and buy a similar one? The difference is actually like day and night. From the beginning, I thought that the mask was of the same quality as the masks sold in the Partaj stores around Sweden. One fact is that Angerfist's masks have high quality design. So it feels really premium when you put on this before or during the rope. We therefore recommend that you skip all the bad Chinese copies and buy the official Angerfist mask from the Masters of Hardcore shop immediately. They usually run out of stock so be sure to seize one as soon as the wallet allows!

If you are interested in seeing Angerfist then he usually plays on Defqon.1 Festival, Masters of Hardcore and Dominator Festival.