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Friendship Garden

Are you a large group of 10 people who want to camp together in a fenced area especially dedicated to you with much space? Then Friendship Garden is the perfect package to choose for you :)

Friendship Garden is located inside Magnificent Green the campsite but you have your own entrance from the campsite to your area. You will be assigned a large grass area so you don't have to camp with tens of thousands of others to look up their tents. At the Magnificent Green campsite, it can be difficult to find space for a large group as people put up tents to the right and left. At Friendship Garden, your own land plot is already prepared for you and fenced. If you are a company that is sure to want to sit next to each other with your tents, it is as said this the package you should choose.

Of course there are a number of others who choose Friendship Garden and you have of course access to the entire regular campsite so that you can go and meet your friends. You will not be excluded from your other comrades, but they are just a little walk away.

Separated toilets and showers

En annan fördel som många tycker om är att inne på Friendship Garden campingen har ni “egna” toaletter och duschar avskiljda från den megastora vanliga campingen. Detta innebär alltså att ni ej behöver vara särskilt oroliga för längre köer till toalett eller dusch som på vanliga campingen. Dessutom ligger toaletterna och duscharna väldigt nära er campingen vilket gör att ni slipper vandra särskilt långt när de blir bråttom i södra Thailand.

Does this sound interesting? In such cases you should contact us at info (@) if you are interested in good time, we can provide a nice travel package with us via bus or flight and a place at this fantastic camping part. Our travel packages have sold out every year since we started driving to Tomorrowland so they are of interest so please contact us immediately.

Do you want to stay more comfortable?

Would you rather be interested in sleeping on a camping near Tomorrowland's entrance and where the tent is finished and all sleeping items are available as air mattress and pillow? Then read more about ours Easy Tent package.

What is included?

  • Access to DreamVille - 5 days
  • Access to Friendship Garden - Your very own campsite
  • Full Madness Pass – Entré till Tomorrowland – 3 dagar
  • Entrance to The Gathering - Tomorrowlands party at the camping on Thursday
  • Access to DreamVille market - food stores, bakery, bar and more
  • Access to toilets and showers


  • Friendship Garden (Entré + camping på Friendship Garden) kostar ca 4700kr per person  (we do not only sell tickets)

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Friendship Garden Tomorrowland DreamVille