Our new big family/friends tent has the following features:
– Pop up tent (No need to swear again, the tent is raised in about 30 seconds automatically)
– Room for up to 8 people (Perfect if you are a group of friends travelling together)
– High Waterproof material (2500MM)
– Good amount of space and good height


It’s completely FREE to borrow one of these tents instead of our regular, if you are interested send us an mail with following info:
– Your Order ID
– Your friends Order ID:s
– A name list with your friends names

You find our contact mail HERE and hurry up, we got a limited amount of these amazing tents!

Example mail:

Hi Coretours,

My name is Kalle Exempelsson,
My order id is: #3254
My friends order id that wants to share with us is: #4355 and #3221

My friends names:
Maja Exempelsson
Henry Exempelsson
Sture Exempelsson
Eva Exempelsson
Lisa Exempelsson
Hedvid Exempelsson 

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