Freaqshow 2017

Freaqshow 2017

Departure: 30nd December
Departure home: 1st of January

Pick-up spots:

- Göteborg - 21:00
- Kungsbacka - 21:30
- Halmstad - 22:50
- Helsingborg - 23:50
- Malmö - 01:00

- København - 01:50
- Køge - 02:35


Event information


31 December 2017


Amsterdam, NL


20:00 – 07:00



Age limit:




VIP available:





We are getting pretty bombed with questions that already has been answered. So we have created a beautiful FAQ here where you can find the most common question and answers that has been answered by our beloved support =)


Travel package

Freaqshow entrance ticket (Optional)
Entrance ticket is optional during checkout. You can also upgrade to VIP at the checkout if you want to top your new years eve experience.

Travel back and forth with your friends in a 5/5 star rated tourist bus equipped with extra good speakers.

We always try to reach Amsterdam a few hours before the event so we can enjoy this fantastic town for some few hours before we are going bonkers on Freaqshow.

Electrical charging
Our buses is equipped with 230V sockets. Here you can charge your phone, laptop etc completely free.

Tax-free shopping & Bordershop
We stop by at bordershop, Calles or Flaeggard for buying some tasty food, candy and alcohol at low prices.

Amazing fellowship
While on the bus whill you meet people with the same party mode an dedication for the harder styles as you.


VIP ticket upgrade gives you the following (limited amount)

– VIP Lounge
– VIP Bar
– VIP Room
– VIP Entrance
– VIP Area

About the event

For the fifth time we will end another amazing year with this crazy New Year’s party at Ziggo Dome Arena. Together with your fellow companions you can join our tour and also enjoy one of the greatest capitals in Europe: Amsterdam. The tour buses will arrive a couple of hours before the event starts so you have a chance to see and experience all the celebrations in the city before entering the Ziggo Dome Arena.

Q-dance will as usual make the best finish of this year you could ever imagine. With pyrotechnics together with a sound and light show in world class quality you will enter 2016 with a magnificent show. There will be two floors to choose between; the main stage, which has its focus on hardstyle, and a smaller stage which is dedicated to the hardcore heads.

Q-dance has an voting contest right before the New Year. The highest rates hardstyle tracks will be announced right before the New Year stikes in. As the countdown starts, so will the number one track of the year 2015. It will be such a great atmosphere!

Freaqshow is exactly what it sounds like – a hell of a freaqshow. Wear whatever you like – a spooky outfit, a fancy suit, an insaine mask – nothing is to crazy for Freaqshow! So, what do you say? A night home with a three course dinner, a messy drunk party with the same people as always OR a HDM event in Amsterdam together with 13 000 other crazy ravers? It is your choise.

As usual, Coretours will have a roundtrip to offer you, with a limited amount of tickets for Freaqshow. With this ticket we will make your travel very easy. Just get on the bus, have a nice ride and pre-party with your Coretours family on the bus and in Amsterdam before you enter the arena – and feel like home. When we’re ready to leave, with new memories, friends and blisters on our feet, you just get on to the bus and we will take you back to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


Wanna book bus only?

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