Hard Bass 2018

Hard Bass 2018

Pick-up spots

27th January
- Göteborg - 01:00
- Kungsbacka - 01:30
- Halmstad - 02:45
- Helsingborg - 04:00
- Malmö - 05:00

- København - 05:30
- Køge - 06:00

Departure home: 08:00 28th January

(Note that this timetable might be updated)
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Event information


27 January


Arnhem, Netherlands


21:00 – 07:00



Age limit:




VIP available:





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Travel package

Everything below in the travel package is included when you book a tour with Coretours.

Hard Bass entrance ticket (Optional)
Optional during checkout.

Travel back and forth with your friends in a 5/5 star rated tourist bus equipped with extra good speakers.

Electrical charging
Our buses is equipped with 230V sockets. Here you can charge your phone, laptop etc completely free.

Tax-free shopping & Bordershop
We stop by at bordershop, Calles or Flaeggard for buying some tasty food, candy and alcohol at low prices.

Amazing fellowship
While on the bus whill you meet people with the same party mode an dedication for the harder styles as you.


VIP / Premium ticket is included for FREE

  • VIP Entrance
  • VIP Lounge
  • VIP Smokebooth
  • VIP Bar
  • VIP Toilets
  • VIP Locker (Accessible whole event)
  • VIP Seats (Gelredome)
  • VIP Bracelet

About the event

In the same arena as Qlimax you’ll a couple of months later be able to experience the atmosphere of Hard Bass. This is an event created by B2S and they’ve their mainly focus on hardstyle.

It’s usually four DJ:s represented at Hard Bass playing in a team together and there are four different teams; Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. The event will altogether contain 16 DJ:s who together will do everything to purvey an ultimate experience. During every team play there will gererally be an 30 minute liveset (here will the DJ put some extra energy into its work and create new music live) as an closure before the next team will continue the party.

Execpt world class DJ:s, Hard Bass has created a rumor to deliver the most powerful high tech versions of scenes, laser- and lightshows. Last year they put LED-screens all over the wall where the scene was put, wich gave it a magnificent look.

Since a couple of years back Hard Bass has been held in Gelredome arena in Arnhem. It has also been totally sold out these years, which means a crowd of 30 000 people at the same dancefloor – an unbeatable treat!

Coretours will as usual have a roundtrip to offer you with a limited amount of tickets for Hard Bass 2017. With this ticket we will make your travel very easy; you only have to get on the bus, have a nice ride and pre-party with your Coretours family on the bus then enter the event – and feel like home. When we’re ready to leave, with new memories, friends and blisters on our feet, you just get onto the bus and we’ll take you back to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


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