WiSH Outdoor Festival 2018

WiSH Outdoor 2017

Departure: 28 June
Departure home: 2 June 02:00

Pick-up spots:

Stockholm - XX:XX
Norrköping - XX:XX
Linköping - XX:XX
Jönköping - XX:XX
- Göteborg - 19:00
- Kungsbacka - 19:45
- Halmstad - 21:15
- Helsingborg - 22:15
- Malmö - 23:15
Köpenhamn - XX:XX
Köge - XX:XX

Event information


29 June – 1 July


Beek en Donk, NL




Age limit:




VIP available:



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Travel package

Everything below in the travel package is included when you book a tour with Coretours.

WiSH Outdoor Festival Weekend VIP ticket
Three days of VIP madness!

Travel back and forth with your friends in a 5/5 star rated tourist bus equipped with extra good speakers.

Electrical charging
Our buses is equipped with 230V sockets. Here you can charge your phone, laptop etc completely free.

Tax-free shopping & Bordershop
We stop by at bordershop, Calles or Flaeggard for buying some tasty food, candy and alcohol at low prices.

Amazing fellowship
While on the bus while you meet people with the same party mode an dedication for the harder styles as you.

We have a big trailer behind our bus so you can bring much luggage with you to WiSH Outdoor Festival.

Coretours camp
We have our own reserved area on the best spot of Camp WOW!
– Close to the festival entrance
– Close to toilets, showers, food and drinks
– Get together with all Coretours travelers


Upgrades available in the check-out process

Don’t have a tent? It’s possible to borrow one from us for a small fee.

About the event

WiSH Outdoor Festival is a festival in the Netherlands with a lot of mixed music genres within. It is often called ”mini-Tomorrowland”, and we understand why. It is a light, colorful festival with lot of focus on the stages, decorations and details. The festival has several different, very well decorated stages. Did you know that WiSH Outdoor won the price for the best decoration 2014? Take a look at our photo album and the official aftermovie of last year and you’ll see why. This year it is their 10th anniversary and we have no doubt the organizers will put their all in to this celebration!

There is a main stage, called “Dedicated mainstage”. This stage will focus its music genre on hardstyle at its very best. Do you like it a little bit harder? This is the stage to be! At the “Delicious Dutch” there will be electro, house and loads of madness – a perfect stage to start with before the harder mainstage. Besides these two, there will be scenes with techno, raw hardstyle, “a touch of hardcore”, latin, hip hop and a lot more. WiSH is a perfect opportunity for you to look around and maybe fall in love with another genre you didn’t knew you liked – this festival has something for everyone!

A lot of festivals has a long way between the festival area and the camping area, but not WiSH. Here you can easily take a break from the excitement at the festival area to go and hang out by the tents. It is a good camping area with lots of volonteers, fresh toilets, lots of showers and even a small shop where you can buy food and a lot of good-to-have. The organizers has good control and it is a fresch, nice and very well organized festival to visit. This year WiSH Outdoor Festival will be held between the 1st and 3rd of July. Will you be there with us?


Line up

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