This summer is going towards its end as well as the summer festivals. Maybe you’ve not yet got enough? We sure hope not ‘cuz soon the indoor event will take place. A whole new world compared to this light summer events is about to start!

First off we start with Ground Zero 30th of August and shortly after we’ll go to Q-base the 13th of September, our very last outdoor event of this year.

After that, we reload our batteries and wait until our first indoor after the summer – Syndicate 4th of October. This was one of the most appreciated events from last year and we’ve never heard these much greetings about sound, place and DJ:s – ever! Totally worth a checkout.

If we don’t get one of our infalls we’ll have a small gap here until Qlimax the 22nd of November. A lot to prepare and fix, so it will be needed for the crew. But then the fun part starts and we’ll have our trip to Qlimax as well as to the popular new years’ eve event – Freaqshow.

That’s pretty much how the first semester will look like. But as you know, we use to surprise with some small tours when it gets too far between the travels. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and here to be sure not to miss anything.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and – if you dare – add us on Snapchat (Coretours).

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