Our last outdoor event is behind us and we’re heading towards darker times.

The Coretours crew is filled up with preperations with one of our biggest travel of the year – Qlimax. We’re only waiting for our partner Q-dances orders until we can tell you the date of the ticket release. And the same day we’ll also release all our delicious new details for this years travel. It is worth the wait, we promise!

But before this huge tour we also have a bunch of smaller tours to long for. As for now we’re trying to collect interested in a tour to Syndicate the 4th of October, but also a tour to HDE 18th of October and Angerfist – The deadfaced dimensions 29th of November.

And of couse, as in the past two years, we want to end a perfect year the most ultimate way: Freaqshow at new years eve in Amsterdam! Hope to see as many as posible with us there. It is magical!

Hardcore kisses

/Coretours Crew:)

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