Do you also have relatives and friends asking why you spend so much money on all of these events and festivals? Well, I think we all have got the question at least once. Sometimes it is very hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced the atmosphere at a rave party. But these are my best reasons why I visit them over and over again. Show them to your friends and family and they may start to understand it a little bit more.


Meeting all of the fantastic rave people

These loving, caring, amazing people who are all gathered for the same reasons as you. They will make sure you’re having a good time and you’ll all take care of eachother. At a rave party people act the way humans should treat eachother: with love, compassion and warmth. You’ll always get to know new friends and people! The ravers you meet in the crowd can become your friends for life. It is an great place to get to know more people who love the same music as you do. Many people think raves are only for teenagers. This is only believed by the ones who have never attended an event themselves. We who have know that there are so many people in different ages and with different professionals. Coretours to Defqon.1 2017



Escaping reality for a moment

Forget all of your problems. Embrace the feeling. You know you have a whole night, day or even a weekend to escape the ordinary life with the ordinary people. Enjoy every second and make the best of it. When you walk inside the arena, or enter the entrance gate to the festival, all of your problems can disappear for a while. You are free. Living here and now, and nothing could make you feel more alive. That is something we all need from time to time, and some more than others. Listening to music is proven to be a good stress relief, maybe even the best.Guy at Defqon.1


Listening to all the amazing music

Rave music is a very broad spectrum. The focus we have had at Coretours during the years have been all forms of hard dance music. This is our passion, and what we do best: rave parties at big festivals like Defqon.1, but we also do tours to smaller events. If you have an event you would like us to go to, do not hesitate to tell us. Rave parties can be so much more than HDM. Maybe you are more in to trance, psytrance, house or other? One of the greatest festivals actually have the most of all of these genres: Tomorrowland. You can go from one scene another and experience all forms of music. It is truly amazing. Music that makes you want to dance all night, close your eyes, tilt your head back and just enjoy the pounding bass going through your body.



Watching the great shows

Rave parties most often equals amazing shows with lights, pyrotechnics and lasers. From the smallest events in a basement to great festivals with thousands of visitors – it is always a show and decorations no matter how many people there are or how big the event is. At most of the outdoor events there are endshows, the show that closes the whole festival. They are often very beautiful and emotional to watch and we can really recommend to be there to the end. The endshow at Defqon.1 is a must visit at least once in your life. Besides this, a lot of indoor events also work with LED screens and even holospheres, like they did at Eric Prydz show. Wow.


Knowing you’ll never be judged

No matter how you look, what clothes you are wearing or where you come from, you will feel like you are a part of this world and culture. It is also important for you to also never judge anyone at a rave. Leave that back home. We are all here for the love of the rave parties and at these events you can be exactly whoever you want to be. It is amazing. We have seen CEO:s of big companies, doctors and lawyers join our touring buses and finally be able to let loose and stop worrying and people who are very shy light up and finally be in the center of the attention. Be whoever you want to be, if so only for the weekend.

Old raving people

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