Before the festival

One of the best parts: choose your festival(s)
Which would you like to attend? Can you afford more than one?
How do you want to travel: by bus tour (yes, please), by aeroplane or maybe drive there yourself?

Book your ticket in time
Plan your economy so you can afford your ticket.
The greatest festivals are usually sold out in no time and you need to be ready to book the day of the release or you’ll sit on your ass waiting a whole year for your next chance ;)

Search for information
Read through as much information regarding the tour and the event as you possibly can to not miss any details before you book.
Join Coretours Facebook event, read our newsletters and stay updated at our social media to get the most important information regarding your tour.
Make sure your passport will be valid during the festival and tour

Make sure you have a festival buffer
How much are you able to you spend? How much does the food cost? Have you planned on eating out every day? Do you want to buy merchandise?
Sometimes the machines abroad do not accept Scandinavian cards, so make sure you have some Euros in cash as well.

Buy an external charger
You’ll need it for all the awesome pictures you’re about to take and to make sure you’ll have battery all the time.
Well, it might be even better without it, but who dares to try?

What to bring? 

Do a checklist of what to bring
Choose the right clothes: shoes are more important than you think.
And it is so much fun to look at inspiring festival outfits (search and you’ll see what I mean).
But still, comfortable clothes before all. You find the Coretours pack list in the newsletter.

Pack smart
Roll your clothes, don’t fold. If your clothes are rolled they take less space in your bag.
Clean out your bags. Do not bring everything in your toilet bag (makeup etc), only bring the most important stuff.
Have your clothes in different plastic bags. One for underwear, one for pants etc. They don’t get wet and you don’t need to pull out everything.
Bring one for your filthy clothes too, you sure as hell do not want to get them mixed up.

Find someone to share the packing with
If you are travelling with friends all of you do not need to bring resorb/sunscreen etc.
Is it possible to share the tent? Have a double inflatable matress instead of one each, buy alcohol together and share etc.

Buy a raincoat in quality
Worth the money on rainy days.

Bring your own food
The food at festivals can be expensive
– Cook pasta (do not bring a salad, it could get you ill if it has been warm)
– Bread and tube-cheese
– Biscuits
– Nuts (not on to the bus, though)
– Fruits like an apple (no, do not bring bananas..)
– Food for the tour down to the festival (pasta with ham, baguettes etc)
– Buy alcohol at Bordershop

Check the information one more time
Make sure you have read through all our information regarding the tour.
Take a look at the departure date and time, and if you are going by bus: the address of the pickup place.
Read what’s allowed to bring and what is not… Be prepared.

Be on time
If you are travelling by bus, remember you need to fight with hundreds of other ravers to get your tent and bags in the trunk.
Do not worry, there is room for all of you, but be there on time. It takes longer than you think to get all our travellers on the bus ;)

During the tour

Have a really great time during the tour
Make some new friends! You are all there for the same reason, you have the same interest and the party will be going on hard.
You might make friends for a lifetime. Coretours is also well known for our matchmaking tours
– you can not imagine how many of our couples that have met during the tours.
Maybe your future lover will be there?

Follow the instructions carefully
The tour leaders have done this several times, they are experienced and know what they are doing.
Follow their instructions both during the tour and when you’ve arrived at the festival.
The tents will be handed out to you when the bus has parked and then the tour leaders will show you the way to the Coretours Camp.

At the camping

Use the showers
Early mornings or late nights.
You’ll feel much better after a shower and it is way easier to make people talk to you if you don’t have an aroma of sweat, beer and junk food around you…

Keep your SPF topped up
Sorry to sound like your nan but it really is important. You’re going to most likely be in the sun all day. Wear sunscreen.
You don’t want to wake up for the second day and have your skin burnt so bad that it hurts to exist, that’s no fun.

Sleeping on the floor is hard enough, without factoring in crippling sunburn.

Never. Look. Down. The. Toilet.
Well, you’re eventually going to have to use the bathroom at a festival, that’s a given.
But do bring your own toilet paper, maybe not into the festival area, but keep it in your tent.
And when you are using the non-water-toilets, do not look down. Never.

If you can’t live without luxury, many events offer real bathroom accommodations in VIP.
It’s expensive, but hey, there’s soap and paper towels and other first world luxuries in there.

At the festival

Don’t be too proud to rock a bum bag
It’s the best way to keep your crucial items handy and safe from pickpocketers.
Always keep it topped up with sanitiser, tissues, mints, cash and condoms (safety first, people!)

Use the apps
Most festivals have their own apps that include maps, notes on where to find free things, etc. Download them!
If you can, familiarize yourself with it before actually getting to the concert grounds. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache.

No, do NOT walk to the front of the crowd
More often than not, at large festivals, people will line up in front of the main stages and squat there all day.
If you’re a veteran, you probably only want to see a few of the acts.
Actually pushing your way through a crowd rarely works, but if you say “excuse me,” people will usually make room. THAT EASY!
Don’t let the size of the audience intimidate you.

Too many stages?
If two acts you want to see are playing back to back — or worse, at the same time — stay organized!
See both: half of two sets is so much better than missing one and regretting it.

I know this seems counter-intuitive to the experience, but hear me out. This is actually a really good tip.
The decibel levels are much higher than you’re used to.
Use these babies from the very first day to get some well-deserved sleep while everyone is drunkenly stumbling around all night and making inconsiderate noise.

Enjoy the festival
Most important – have a great time, be safe and make a lot of new friends!
This is what you’ll miss in the cold, dark winter (when you’re not at an indoor event, of course)
and it is here you’ll create epic memories and stories to tell your friends back home. Make the best of it!

Do not waste your time
Embrace the “right here, right now” feeling.
Put your phone in the pocket, do not take pictures all the time or watch Facebook and do not answer the work-related phone calls.
Be there.

Last but not least…
Start to plan the next event already on the way home and the Post Rave Syndrome won’t be such a pain.

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