► Available tours by Coretours!
– Defqon.1 (Saturday Only) | Pickup in Sweden, Norway & Denmark
– Defqon.1 (Weekend) | Pickup in Sweden, Norway & Denmark
– Defqon.1 (Weekend bus only) | Pickup in Sweden, Norway & Denmark

► Price:
– Saturday only | N/A
– Weekend | 2995SEK / 2495DKK / 3295NOK
– Weekend bus only | 1995SEK / 1695DKK / 2395NOK

► Included in our package:
– Regular or Weekend ticket
– Round trip with our new bus
– Free Wifi in Denmark
– Free charging of your electronic
– Bordershop/Calles (Fill up your alcohol- and candy supply)
– LED Show on the bus
– Happy & nice tour leaders
– Amazing fellowship
– Coretours camp (Weekend only)
– Coretours 2 people tent (Weekend only)

► Release date:
Ticket sale starts 00:01 | 24 Mars!
Be sure to book your package before we are sold out!
(Weekend bus only can be booked HERE)
We have a limited amount of tickets so make sure you book before 28 Mars when our sale stops!

► Is it the same bus for WEEKEND and WEEKEND BUS ONLY?
Depending on your choice of pickup, yes!

► Will there be much space to bring my own stuff on the weekend bus?
Yes, we will have a separate trailer.

► Will there be a stop on Bordershop/Calles etc?
Yes, so you can get everything you want before entering the camp.

► Where can I order the tour?
Choose your country on ithen click on BILJETTER or BILLETTER and choose the tour you want to order.

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