If you are travelling with us to Defqon.1 you need to read this information!

Newsletters has been sent out to the one in charge of each order.
In the newsletter all important information is published, such as tour time table, travel leaders, packlist and so on. Don’t forget to read these emails!

The tour time table is also available in the menu to the left here: WEEKEND | REGULAR
Click on your pickup to find our more information about where the bus will pick you up.

If you have a question, most of them are answered in our regular FAQ and the Defqon dedicated FAQ.
If you cant fint the answer for your question there, send a email to

Defqon.1 is sold out. The time to change an order has run out and is no longer possible.

To enter the bus, you need your order-id and id-card.
If you don’t have this with you, you won’t get acces to the bus.

The buses has a limited amount of space, if the travel leaders don’t aprove all your luggage, it will be left behind.
As soon as the luggage is put in the bagage, it stays there untill we arrive to the festival.
(Tip; pack one bag for the festival, and one smaler for the ride.)

If you have made an order to borrow a tent this is important for you to read:
We have two options: 2ppl tents and 6-8ppl.
If you have ordered a 2ppl tent by your self, you have to share tent with someone we decide.
If you have ordered a 2ppl tent with a friend, awesome, you’ll share tent with your friend :)
If you have ordered a 6-8ppl tent but are less than 6 ppl, you’ll have to share tent with random decided travelers.
If you have ordered a 6-8ppl tent with 6-8 friends of your, awesome again, then you’ll share tent with your friends :)

See you all on the bus <3
Kind regards/ Coretours Crew


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