Passport is from 4 January 2016 mandatory if you want to travel with Coretours. 
If you don’t have the passport with you for a tour organised by Coretours after 4 January 2016 then you will be denied entrance to our bus because we can’t fulfill with the law regulation directions issued by the Swedish government and Swedish police. We don’t know how long this regulations will last but at the moment the duration is until June 30th which may be increased by another 6 months if the government decides so.

We suggest you visit to look which station that are closest for you to apply for a passport if you don’t have one or have a old one. It normally only takes a few days.

We, Coretours, can not effect this and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: To make it very clear: ID cards in any form as drivercs license etc IS NOT A PASSPORT and therefor NOT ACCEPTED to be granted entrance to Coretours tour/bus. Passport will be checked.

The tours you need a passport for (might be updated) are:

  • All tours from 2016 ->
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