Do you want to make this summer the very best? You know it can not be done without atleast one music festival (or why not more).
The summer tours of Coretours has been sold out very fast this year, and as for now we only have three tours available.


WiSH Outdoor Festival

For the crazy price of 1795 SEK you’ll get to be a part of the 10th anniversay of WiSH Outdoor.
Included in this price, Coretours offers you a three day VIP entrance ticket, roundtrip back and forth from several pickup spots, tent to borrow and a lot more.

Wish Outdoor Festival is a festival in the Netherlands with a lot of mixed music genres within. It is often called ”mini-Tomorrowland”, and we understand why. It is a light, colorful festival with lot of focus on the stages, decorations and details. The festival has several different, very well decorated stages. Did you know that WiSH Outdoor won the price for the best decoration 2014? Take a look at our photo album and the official aftermovie of last year and you’ll see why. This year it is their 10th anniversary and we have no doubt the organizers will put their all in to this celebration!



Dominator festival

It is the biggest outdoor hardcore festival – and we would even say it is the best aswell. This is a day festival with its focus on the hardcore genres, but it is recommended for anyone who loved HDM. Have you seen the pictures from the previous years? Beach, sun and hardcore – what could be better?

Are your passionate about the harder music styles and do you like outdoor events? Then Dominator festival is without doubt a festival you need to experience. Try the magic of hardcore – you most definitely won’t regret it! Dominator is the number one hardocore festival of the summer, often said to be the most well-known hardcore party there is. It’s being hosted by Q-dance and Art of Dance and this year it will be held on the 16th of July.



Hardbeach festival

This is the largest outdoor festival within HDM in Sweden, and it is located at one of the best beaches: Åhus beach. This is the perfect event for you who want to try the festival life but do not want to travel as far as needed for most of the other events. Show your support for the passion of the Swedish HDM and join us to Hardbeach festival.

After a very successful first edition of Hardbeach the summer of 2015 F2D proudly presents the second edition: Hardbeach – Immolation. The event will take place at Åhus Beach, one of Sweden’s finest and best-known beaches. To get the ultimate festival experience it is possible to be at Hardbeach for two whole days. Together you can be there when F2D will create the first pure hard dance music festival ever hosted in Sweden.

Like the neighbors and partners in Europe, the heart of the festival area will be the stage. The stage will be built with a focus on the theme and you will not be disappointed. On stage, you will get the chance to see local, national and international DJ’s represented in the harder styles of music. F2D are doing everything possible to create an event experience beyond the ordinary.

Inspired by international festivals will Hardbeach revolve around a specific theme that permeates the entire experience. This year’s edition will go under the theme of the Aztec kingdom.

“Immolation” is the act of sacrifice by burning an object , animal or human to satisfy God . It’s at Hardbeach you will get ready to sacrifice for the sake of your Gods – your DJ’s . In Aztec mythology , the Gods will make sure their slaves fight for them and that they sacrifice themselves and their soul for their infinite love for their God – your DJ. Failing to serve their Gods can lead to destruction. The Aztec’s responsibility is to keep their Gods satisfied. Only by great passion, rituals, songs and dance the Gods reach their full potential , and will show their gratitude by praising their subjects . Aztec ideology is divided into three worlds: Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, in which you will experience the euphoric hardstyle, rawstyle and hardcore. The Aztec world revolves around a center point, their temple of the sun. Our scene.

The primary goal with this festival is to give visitors an adventure you will never forget. By connecting an experience beyond the ordinary with audio , design, range and high quality light , they hope to open your eyes to a new world in your home environment. It is time to prepare for a two-day festival that will change the Swedish music scene the way you are used to seeing it.


Coretours Hardbeach 2016

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