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Summer is the time for backyard barbeques, tanned legs, vacation – and festivals! A good festival will consist of meeting people you never normally would and making memories that will last a lifetime. It is an adrenaline rush like you’ve never experienced before. There is no doubt everyone in their 20’s should travel abroad, get to explore a foreign country and its culture and attend one of their music festivals.

If you have never been to a music festival in the warm months, here are the five reasons why you need to make plans to visit your first summer music festival with Coretours this year:

1) The people you’ll meet and the atmosphere among them. People at festivals are kind, open minded and over all awesome. They know at the festival you need to press pause on your everyday life and truly enjoy what’s ahead of you. Everyone is a friend. People travel from all over to go to these insane events, so needless to say, you will meet some interesting characters during your stay. Some people go alone, others with a group of friends and the rest as a family, but however you experience a festival, you’re always guaranteed to meet new people. One interesting feature of music festivals is the general lack of bad attitudes. I mean, you would think these people have known you your whole life or something the way they treat you. Not only that, but it is completely contagious. You will be spreading the love like never before, and might even come home with a new outlook on kindness. Suddenly, for a few days, this mass of people is one big family.

2) The music. It need to be experienced live. Whatever you thoughts about the music was before, you’ll love it (even more) after a three day festival. Absolutely. Music festivals are a magnet for good music, and not just one genre of music either. Plus, it is a really good way to discover new artists/genres that you might like: a lot of emergent artists play for their first time at minor stages at festivals. In ten years’ time you will say “I was there!” showing pictures of that special moment. All around the festival different languages are spoken, and everything from university flags to country flags are being waved high in the sky. It turns out that because we all go to these things for the same reasons, it is easy to meet and make friends. A chance to bond over the love of music.

3) The party. Imagine entering the bus, ride together with up to 300 Scandinavians with whom you share the same interest and excitement of what to expect at the festival with. With them you’ll be partying together for five days (if we count the tour back and forth – and we do!) And don’t forget the crazy party in the camping spot, the late night fo early morning after-parties and of course – the feeling of sipping on the first, cold (not for long) festival beer in a plastic cup, sitting in your camping chair. Ah.. Not only are you and your best friends traveling to this location, but thousands of others are doing the same from different cities, states and even countries. You’ll meet countless of amazing people from different places and learn even more. You’ll be in the party mood from the moment you get on the bus, trough the whole ride and festival and all the way until you take your first step off the bus. We’ll make sure of that.

4) The experience and memories. Who doesn’t like to fill their Facebook with all the crazy pictures and to tell the stories for your friends at home? And what stories you’ll be having, wow. Experiencing a music festival live is unlike any concert experience in this world. You will not be in a huge arena. You will be outside, enjoying the fresh air, and you will be soaking in an atmosphere that is second to none. Going to music festivals gives us permission to enjoy life with no worries or cares – it gives you a sense of freedom, even if it is only for three days. Music festivals lets the youth be goofy, lets you enjoy good (well, at least it tastes good after drinking for a whole day..) food and incredible music without worrying about schools, jobs and responsibilities. After all, the music festival is well organized and everything is planned for you already so why not?

5) The feeling of solidarity. Stand in front of the mainstage at the endshow, see the amazing fireworks and listen to the hard beats pounding in your chest. Have yourself surrounded by all the people you’ve met during the festival and just feel the connection, love and happiness towards one another and the music. The feeling can’t be described, it can only be experienced.

There is no other words to describe the music festivals: the music, your friends, drinking, dressing up, being outside, meeting new people, flirting, being on holidays, tanning, laughing and enjoying life. Who wouldn’t want to do that?! If you think you hate music festival, try it anyway. At least then you know and you can still cross it off your bucket list and have tons of stories to share with your jealous friends. And if (when) you love it, well, then we’ll see you next year.

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